Impossible task: helping me find a picture online

A couple of years ago I saw a picture that I saved to my computer. Seeing as how it was two years ago I lost it and now my wife wants me to find it, so now I come to you, the Dope, with hat (in theory) in hand.

It was colorful, looked like a drawing. It was split into four parts, I believe. The first part was a tree being a sapling (I think) with a young boy and a girl. As the tree grows so do the children. And on the last frame there are two small wooden crosses, although I can’t remember if the tree had been cut down or not.

Anyways, I understand if no one can find it.

Copy of photo on its way to you. Impossible? Not for the Dope.


Once again, thank you.

Could a passing Mod close this, perhaps?

The image

Now I’m depressed.

Yeah, me too. :frowning:

I don’t think it is depressing at all. Yeah, the last panel seems sad but that other tree growing strong points out that life still goes on.

Whose? Oh, yeah, the tree’s.

No, panel 2 shows a new tree growing (the couples child?)

Panel 4 shows the original tree cut down and the new tree growing strong

I think it cleverly shows ‘life goes gone’
Quite a deep picture, very nice.

I’m a first time user, so please excuse if I’m not doing this correctly. I have the same problem, I thought I saved a picture awhile back but now I can’t find it. If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it… It was a cartoon kind of pin up style girl, she was wearing a bra and panties, heels and a garter belt. Her head was cut off and she was kind of leaning on it, her hair was pink I think. She was holding a cupcake. I’m not sure if that’s enough detail, or if anyone can help me. Thank you for your time either way :slight_smile:

Was the cupcake yellow?

So, to clarify:

(1) Was this an actual illustration/cartoon? Or just a highly stylized picture that plays up the cliche of the illustrated pin-up type?

(2) So she is decapitated? How is she leaning on it–with her elbow? Does she have an expression on her face? Hair long or short?

(3) Any help with the color of the lingerie/outfit?

(4) Was the cupcake on a plate, or in her palm? Both hands or one hand?

(5) Did this take place in a kitchen set? An empty studio? Or some other kind of setting?