Improv Everywhere: Best Game Ever

You may or may not have heard of Improv Everywhere, but as far as I can tell is they are loosely defined group that pulls off performance “stunts”, usually good natured. I wnated to post this one which is where they showed up at a random little league game and turned into a Big League game. I thought this was really great, especially the type of particiaption they got from some of the participants.

There are others performances on the site, like the musical that breaks out in a mall food court that are fun to watch. I just wish I was present for one of these, they look like fun.

Man. That is just awesome. And they got the Goodyear Blimp!

I first heard about this group when they pulled their Best Buy stunt, and again with the “Slow-Mo Home Depot” shortly thereafter. That video was hilarious. I don’t want to witness one of their stunts, I want to be a part of one!

I read that this morning, and actually got choked up a bit by the end.

Better than all of them is the random musical in a mall cafeteria. It’s been a fantasy of mine for several years, to have a musical break out in a random normal place, and they executed it flawlessly.

That’s a fantastic mission. Some that they do are a little ethically questionable (Best Gig Ever), and they frequently run into trouble with puzzled authorities (Look Up More). This one and the Food Court Musical were wonderfully performed.

A testament to the goodness in mankind. That really made my day :slight_smile:

The best improv I ever pulled off was several years ago. There was a guy in our circle of friends named Don, and about 8 of us got together to celebrate his birthday. I think we all went bowling, or something, and then out to eat. We were just out of college, clever but poor; it was one of those restaurants where you order at the counter, and they ask your name to call out when the food is ready. (For any Seattle dopers who may read this, it was Zesto’s fish and chips in Ballard.) Just as we went in, I got an idea. While we were in the restaurant, we were all named Don. I think I was third in line.

“What’s your name?”


“Oh, can I call you ‘Don 3’? The two guys in front of you were also called Don.”

We had one girl in our group. She was Dawn.

By the sixth Don, the girl behind the counter was getting suspicious. We told her that having the same name is how we met. By the eighth Don, she wasn’t buying it. She asked for ID. The one she asked was Don.

It couldn’t have worked out better, but I tip my hat to the true masters of the art.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

My frat included 2 members who were also tour guides, as well as one of the college librarians. We planned one day to have the first member begin giving the tour, and the other and the librarian to pose as a father with prospective student daughter. When the tour reached a certain point, a bunch of us who were hiding around the corner of a building, dressed as ninjas, rushed out and picked up the tour guide, carrying her off on our shoulders down to our frat house. At that point, the other tour guide in the group immediately stepped to the front and continued giving the tour as if nothing had happened.

The oddest thing was, no one on the tour said a word. We didn’t expect them to be scared or anything, but I sort of expected a “WTF?” reaction. But it didn’t faze them at all.

Later on the tour, they were treated to the first tour guide dashing out in front of them, yelling her head off, while a pack of ninjas followed in hot pursuit.

An excellent mission, indeed.

Better still, it reminded me to dig through their site and find the link to the local “chapter”. When the stars (and more importantly, the schedules) align, I’ll probably join in on some activities.

Freshman year some people from my dorm did the same thing. My roommate was a big guy, and my friend in the room next to us was a small guy. They were both pale with black hair, and could easily pass for a father-son duo.

One Saturday they infiltrated a tour group as “father and son” and followed them around for about half the tour. Then when they went past our dorm, a group of guys ran out, picked up the small guy and carried him off while the “father” ran screaming after them to “let go of his son.” The entire tour group (including the guide) was baffled, but all the students nearby thought it was hysterical. :smiley:

This is my favorite Improv Everywhere bit. Participants “froze” on cue in Grand Central Station. The spontaneous audience reaction at the end was fantastic.

I had almost forgotten about these. My favorites were the time loop at starbucks and the mp3 experiment.

Stole my post, dammit!

The best part, for me, is all the flashes from people’s cameras. What, exactly, do they think a still photograph will show? :smiley:

I’m sorry! You can have my next one, OK?

You print out a bunch of copies and make a flip-book.

I liked the Slow-Mo Home Depot better, if only because of serendipity: as the site details, about 30 seconds before they froze, the store’s intercom began playing Jewel’s “Standing Still”, something they hadn’t arranged or planned. It’s kismet!

My favorite of theirs is the ledge jumper on the side of the building… standing on a 3-foot high ledge.

The tour guide stories are making me wish I had thought of something like that when I was a tour guide at college.

I think there’s a rumor out there that they’re working on making this a TV series. They sure have that feel to me.