Improve this potato recipe.

It all sounds good, although I’l leave out the red peppers. I like the idea of a little garlic and three different cheeses. I’d suggest goat, mozzarella and Irish cheddar. Use la little less goat and a little more mozzarella.

Also mix some fresh ground pepper with the garlic.

Maybe sprinkle dill weed on top before the final browning.

I wouldn’t go with garlic - but adding some freshly grated nutmeg to the milk would be a good addition

That is a very clever idea. I throw cloves in with roasts and squeeze out the mush to thicken the gravy. It is really mild and flavoursome, takes off that garlic bite.

I’d DEFINITELY go with something from the onion family. Perhaps add a little chicken broth? I’m not sure about the mushrooms, you’ve already got a fancy ingredient with the artichoke.

While I think that potatoes and cheddar cheese are wonderful together, potatoes and PARMESAN cheese are also great. Parmesan also works very nicely with artichokes, so perhaps you might consider substituting Parmesan for cheddar.

I’d go with thin sliced celery, a little chicken base dissolved in the milk (we get this stuff in a jar that we keep in the fridge, it’s not as salty as bullion cubes and has a much better flavor), and something from the onion family. I really think that the roasted peppers would be too much, as would the mushrooms. I’m uncertain about crispy bacon bits, they might overwhelm this dish.

I bet this would be WONDERFUL as a side dish for a chicken or pork entree. In fact, I might have to try it out soon.

Where’s a “smacking lips” smilie when you need it?

I tried it last night with a little garlic and herbs and some sliced celery (which some people have subsequently suggested) - it was good.

The shredded chicken in it was OK, but not spectacularly good.

I also added a dash of sherry before pouring on the milk and that worked well too.