Mash: what's your secret ingredient?

I’m probably going to do myself mashed potato for lunch tomorrow and I’d like to make it a little bit different. Now I do a mean mustard mash - add coarse-grained French mustard - and adding tartare sauce is also really nice, but I’d like to hear what you add to make your mash special.

Melt butter over low heat, and add sliced garlic and sliced green onions. Heat for a while, until butter is infused with the flavors. Add to your potatoes, as well as a bit of sour cream and heavy cream. Salt and pepper. Mash 'em up! Mmm.

The Pioneer Woman puts in cream cheese, and lordy, it’s delicious.

Saffron. Warm the milk, butter, any other liquid/dairy ingredients you’re using, then crumble in a little saffron to turn the liquid yellow. Add to potatoes. This is delicious!

sour cream instead of milk, real butter and minced garlic. Add the garlic when the potatoes are at their hottest so it has a chance to infuse to its maximum.

Roasted garlic whipped potatoes, or for even better mash, Alan Alda.

After I drain the poatoes, I put them back into the pan and back onto the still-warm burner to let the rest of the water sizzle out. Then I mash them with French or Irish butter and a splash of milk, and–secret ingredient–seasoned salt. They’re not all that fancy, but oh my, they’re good!

Add a turnip.

Chop up a medium white onion and add it to the potatoes as they boil. then sour cream, white pepper (fresh ground is best), a little savory and butter…

Note… drain the potatoes (don’t remove the onions) and let dry a bit (3 minutes tops) add the other ingrediants and mash with a ricer…

there ya go!

Creamy cucumber salad dressing.

Roasted garlic is great in mashed potatoes. Sometimes I break a stalk of celery and add that to the boiling potatoes. Sometimes I add a bit of chicken flavor base to them, too.

I’m definitely getting a garlic theme here… :smiley:

Truffle oil

Grated parmesan cheese. Adds an edge.

Grated cheddar’s more to my taste.

I go with a clove of garlic cooked at the same time as the potatoes, with some milk and salt - I’ve also whipped up cannellini beans and mixed them in, or flavoured cottage cheese. You could also make colcannon.

Jerusalem artichokes, although they are a bit dear this year. Garlic infused olive oil for some of the butter.

Well, I just crushed some garlic and mixed it in, and very nice it was too.

Add a little too much liquid to the potato flakes, so they aren’t too dry when you microwave them

I roast the garlic, then blend that with heavy cream and a bit of chopped parsely or tarragon before adding to the potatoes.