Improving Football

Does anyone have any thoughts about how the game of football (American tackle football, for you soccer fans) can be improved?

I would like to have place-kicking de-emphasized. It seems wrong to have a field goal be worth 1/2 a touchdown, and the place kick point after touchdown is such a waste of time.

I would make FG’s worth only 2 points, make touchdowns worth 7 points and, because goal line stands are exciting, make the point after touchdown be a run or pass from scrimmage instead of a place kick.

Any thoughts?

I was thinking that if we forbid it from being played in high school or college the talent pool would dry up and eventually we wouldn’t keep being taxed to buy new stadia where the millionaires take the rubes’ money.

(Probably reduce the violence in schools, too.)


I wold say that a team couldn’t score on consecutive field goals unless they are behind on the score or it’s the last two minutes of the half. Otherwise the team would have to score at least one touchdown (or other score) between each field goal.

And also every time the home team is trailing at the end of a quarter, the cheerleaders all have to remove an article of clothing. Wouldn’t affect the score as such, but would make for a more interesting game.

They should never stop the game clock, except for timeouts.

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I think pro football is pretty much the Holy Grail for sports, and don’t like to see it changed too much.

That said, there is a rule I would like to see implemented. And I get it from, believe it or not, Arena Football!

In Arena Football, they have a rule that in the last two minutes of a half, you must at least get back to the line of scrimmage with a play of the clock stops.

This is a great rule for people who hate seeing a 58 minute war end with two minutes (ore more, sometimes) of a QB kneeling down.

Put that in the NFL please!

Oh, and upon further review, replay stink!

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Got picked on a lot in school, didn’t you?

Not after grade school, actually. :wink:

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A series of randomly placed landmines in the field.

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

The football should have spikes all over it. Now that would make some interesting passes.

Also, the sidelines should be lit on fire, and there should be a bull attached to a rope on the field goal pole.

Dammit, Louie took my “make the football too painful to hold” idea!

Add a member to the team who gets to say “red light, green light” over the public address during the opposing team’s play. If anybody moves during the “red light” phase, that person gets to be the recipient of a penalty tackle.

Halftime should always consist of watching The Lord of The Dance being beaten with fish.

After each play, everyone, offense, and defense, must drink a beer.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

<font size=4><font face=Westminster">WEAPONS! WEAPONS! WEAPONS! Swords! Spears! Axes! Whips! Fails! Spiked helmets , shoulder pads & Gloves!

In the intrests of fair play—no guns, bow or arrows allowed.</font>

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I was going to say that I like it just as it is, but Seale’s suggestions were great. LOL! Even as a former marching band member (and a current asst. director), I would gladly surrender the field to see whats-his-name pelted with carp.

When the “four downs” rules were first applied to football, the team had an extra option of making first down. They could advance ten or more yards as they do now or they could give up five or more yards and make a first down. Apparently this rule was abandoned because it slowed up play too much. For example if a team took possession of the ball on the fifty one yard line, they could run the clock down for forty plays by slowly retreating down to their one yard line.

Get a first down, do a shot.

Dr. J

Instead of having 2 teams and 1 ball on the field, there should be all 31 teams and just 1 ball on the field. I’d love to see a team try a running game in that situation.

Also, have referees that aren’t blind.

Wider field, and longer too, maybe a centre line between two 50s, with big end zones so a player can run the ball back out. And three downs instead of four, so there’s more passing …

Oh, yeah! That’s where I’ve seen it! Canadian football!

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How about selling all the teams to the city they play in? That way you wouldn’t have the owners rooking the taxpayers every few years with demands for new stadiums and tax breaks and threats to relocate.

Replace the football with a live chicken.

A microphone should be placed in the huddle and the line of scrimmage.