Improving Your Posture

In general I’ve significently increased my health over the past few years but there is still something that bothers me, my poor posture. Has anyone any techniques or tips for doing so? It feels natural to slouch while walking but I know it looks awful.

If this is in the wrong forum my apologies.

Pilates or yoga will do wonders for the posture.

Ditto that. If you have cable tv, check out FitTV. They have programs all day long, many of which are pilates and yoga. They will give you the basic moves as well as proper form and such. Plus, they kinda become your workout pals so you don’t get too lonely while you work out. Yeah, I know…I’m a dork. :smack:

I always recommend Alexander Technique when someone asks about posture. You can find some instructors near you so you can give it a try and see what you think:

You might also want to strengthen your abs, providing more support for your torso, in general.

Something I was just taught today (I used to have excellent posture but started to walk differently when preggers) - for the first few weeks you will need to foce your body into the correct posture, it will feel stiff and “not right”, After a few weeks your body will be used to it and will naturally reset to that position.

So it is worth it to work on it.

The big thing is to constantly be aware of your posture, and make corrections as necessary. Yoga, pilates and the like are good but they won’t make a bit of difference if you aren’t posture-conscious at all times.

Good advice, but crunches won’t help because they’re working the wrong muscles. Go with the yoga/pilates approach.

You could try this. From what I understand you wear it for a couple weeks to get you used to correct posture and after that it should be easy.

Pushups. (Ten twice a day.) I guarantee it!

Two tips I’ve heard, which sort of work if you can remember:

  1. when sitting, relax your shoulders and left them fall down, not forward

  2. when walking or standing, stand at attention - put your hand behind your back, and hold the thumb of one hand in the other hand.

2 works like a charm for me, but I struggle with consistently applying 1.

As long as your postural isn’t internal rotation, this is probably decent advice.

I’ll second Alexander technique. It is extremely good at teaching you good posture and is relaxing and comfortable to learn. There are a few dubious claims made for it by some practitioners, but the core teaching about movement, relaxation and posture are excellent and the effects are clear to see after only a few lessons.

Pretend you have a string attached to your sternum and that it’s pulling you up. I picked this up as a kid from an article in one of my mother’s magazines (Reader’s Digest?), and ran with it.

Body awareness is also a big deal – you need to be aware of what your body’s doing, and correct as you go, as **ultrafilter ** said.

I once had horrible posture. Standing six foot three is was easy for me to slouch forward. two things made all the difference. I started Fencing. Slouching forward when sword fighting is a good way to get learn the spanish term “KIssing the button” Or, getting poked in the head. I found people poking me with a metal stick really helped my focus on posture. The second thing I did. I started dating a six foot tall woman. When we were out together I would notice when I slouched and would correct myself.

So to recap.
Have people poke you in the head with metal sticks till your posture improves, and date a tall person.

Or, just find other ways to make yourself aware of your posture, over time, you will start falling into proper posture without realizing it.


Thanks everyone, I’ll be walking tall before I know it. :wink: