In Defense of Plain Stuff

I like toppings on my hot dogs. brown mustard, relish, kraut maybe but often I just want to enjoy a plain hot dog in a bun (or even not in a bun sometimes).

While I will eat sesame seed, poppy seed or egg bagels, I will always prefer plain ones. Don’t even need cream cheese or butter. I can and will just eat one like a doughnut.

Speaking of doughnuts, I like plain ones of those too.

Vanilla ice cream with nothing on it? Yes please.

So what do you like that’s plain?

Pretty much everything.


Gimme a burger with swiss and ketchup.
A cheese pizza. Maybe pepperoni.

Quality ingredients used properly don’t need lots of ostentatious gunk.

Yes! Why eat something and not get the taste of it cause it’s covered in something else? I don’t want an egg and cheese sandwich. I was an egg, some cheese, and some bread I can eat separately.

Hardly anything; apparently I’m a condiment kinda guy.

I do like a very good steak plain, but even there I’ll take chimichurri on the side if it’s available. And if it’s not available hy am I eating there?

plain white rice with some salt.

I like regular potato chips, not BBQ, Salt 'N Vinegar or any of the other flavors.
I like regular Frito chips and Corn Nuts, not any of the other flavors.
As for bagels, I prefer regular ones with cream cheese. Plain cream cheese without any goofy additions or flavorings.

I do not prefer a hot dog or hamburger without condiments and additions, however.

I love Plain Stuff. I like my burgers and hot dogs with nothing on them. I eat vanilla ice cream* I don’t use sauces much. I get plain chicken sandwiches. Even at Subways I usually just get the heart of the sandwich, with few or no additions.

*If you want REALLY plain, go to Thomas Sweet and get their Sweet Crea Icve Cream, – no flavorings at all, not even vanilla bean extract.

Pie is great; flaky, buttery crust, and maybe a bit warm from the oven. Ice cream is great; cold, smooth creamy. So why do people put them together to make luke-warm, soggy mush?

Yes, excellent choice. Tortilla chips as well; I remember Doritos being the tortilla chip of my youth, but I haven’t seen plain Doritos in decades.

I like gunk, but my husband eats everything plain. Burger, no condiments at all. Hot dog, just meat and bread. Salad, no dressing (sometimes olive oil). He’s not an especially picky eater otherwise, just no sauces/condiments/extraneous toppings.

I’m plain in most things I eat. Hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos, pizza…

I don’t like gravy. I might eat a little of it on a roast, or what’s left after I scrape most of it off a chicken-fried steak, but never on mashed potatoes. If the potatoes are plain (like no garlic or anything), I’ll put butter on them instead. And only butter and salt on baked potatoes.

Another thing about how boring I am with food: generally, I only like one or two things from any given restaurant. When I feel like eating that thing, that’s where I go, and when I go to a restaurant, I order the thing that I know I like. It means that I don’t cruise around a menu much and I order the same stuff over and over, but dang it, I know what I like.

We order pizzas here at work for people’s birthdays. I once made the observation that few people seem to say “Order plain cheese” when asked what kind to get but a plain cheese pizza is always the first to go.

I’m the same on all counts, except the gravy. No gravy shall ever touch any food that’s going in my mouth.

I’ll order a hamburger in a fast food or other restaurant and be asked what kind of cheese I want on it. That annoys me, as I usually just want a hamburger. Had I wanted a cheeseburger, I would have ordered one. And a couple of times the cheese comes without me even asking for it.

I never use salt or pepper. I like to taste the food.

I’m also a weirdo that doesn’t like ketchup. Uck.

Vanilla, YES PLEASE. Plain pizza is great too.

Yep, plain.

Plain as in it’s simply a piece of bread, right? No sauce no nothin’?

Keep your A-1 sauce, restaurants! If you cooked the steak the right way (and if it’s a good piece of meat), I don’t need it.

Out of curiosity what is a “plain” salad? Just lettuce and dressing?

I like pizza with minimal toppings, but the fact that cheese pizza goes first doesn’t necessarily mean that most people prefer plain pizza to one with any toppings at all. It could just mean that most people like only their preferred toppings and hate all the others. So if you got 1/3 cheese, 1/3 sausage, and 1/3 ham and pineapple for a roomful of people who only like pepperoni, the cheese pizzas would go first. Is there some equivalent of Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem for pizza preferences?

Back to the original question. There’s a BBQ truck in the Bay Area that makes ribs so good they’re better without sauce. I prefer a burger with no toppings to one with a whole plateful of side dishes on it (does it really improve a burger to put bacon, onion rings, pineapple, and cheese in it?). A burger topped with pulled pork is ridiculous. I prefer a scoop of really good ice cream to a sundae covered with chocolate and caramel sauce, nuts, whipped cream and a cherry.

Chain restaurants seem to be in an arms race for who can put the most ingredients in a dish. It may be just a ploy to grab attention, but I also think it’s a way to disguise poor ingredients.

Hell no, you’ve skipped the fried egg and avocado slice.:slight_smile: