In England

In England, why do people drive on the left side of the road instead of the right side??

Unca Cece has answered this one already. Here ya go:

Jason R Remy

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Because it’s the law. No, no sory because they are not ‘Right Thinking Americans’. Actually I think Cecil answered this once.I think it is a carry over from horse and wagon days. Teamster drove from right seat Why? I dunno. So he had room to swing a whip? So he could use his right foot on the brake?You got your nigh side and your off side. If that is correct then the ? should be why did every one else , 'cept the japanese and indians I think, change?

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OH MAN JAYRON jumped in there right when I was typing. Well, I was sorta right.
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When in England, I noticed that people tend to keep to the left on walkways, as when driving. I kept bumping into people as I tended to keep to the right. Also, the British pleasure craft (boats) that I have seen, have the controls on the port (left) side. Ours are usually on the right (starboard). The Japanese tourests in Hawaii also keep to their left. Now, in Venice…