In furtherance of the Great Bacon Agenda: Bacon is good for the heart

At least, when consumed with yer leafy greens.

I dunno about you, but I might just have me a BLT tonight. - My heart will thank me for it.

And so began the Great Bacon Rebellion of the Smith household.

Link? Linkety-linky-link?

Bacon and red wine for breakfast, who says cursory readings of scientific papers is a bad idea?

Whoops! I was so overjoyed by the prospect of healthy bacon I forgot the article! So here: (sausage) link.

Alright! I bought a pork belly yesterday to be cured and then smoked. Who knew I was a health nut?

So, the “mystery meat” sausages I like might be good for me after all? Ex-cellent …! :slight_smile:

So who do I contact to get started a ground-breaking study on the health advantages of cheesecake?