In Ken Follett's new novel......

CODE TO ZERO, one of the female characters tells the male central character she seduced him by pretending “… to have soap in my eye, to make you kiss me. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book.”

If this is true, then you ladies must have kept it under wraps for a lotta years, because I have never heard of this trick. Wanna tell us how this works or is am I misreading something? Or am I not looking far enough “between the lines”?


You pretend you have something in your eye, the object of your attentions leans forward to examine your eye closely, your faces draw nearer…(etc).

Damn! Am I dense or what? :smiley:



No way! I am reading this right now, and just read this part last night. I stopped because I was getting tired and realized it was heading for another flashback, so I wanted to wait till today to read more!

Two minor questions about the book. It takes place in 1958. The car Luke steals is a Ford Fiesta. Did Ford even make the Fiesta in '58? I keep picturing a little sub-compact. Was the Fiesta different then?
Also, people make long distance calls without any operator assistance. Was this the norm in 1958? I remember my mother saying they needed an operator to make long distance calls up until the early 60s, but she lived in a rural area at the time.

As for the OP and the “old” soap-in-the-eye trick, I personally have never used it, but have usually heard it used as “something” in my eye, like an eyelash…but not soap.