In lack of MS Publisher

I am working on a booklet that includes pictures and different kind of fonts and colours. I happen to have a MS Publisher somewhere, it is an old version and it worked wonderfully when I used it for doing the same job a couple of years ago. Unfortunately it is somewhere in the closet I call “The Bermuda Triangle” and I don’t feel like tracking it down.

Is there a shareware, freeware or such (I only need it once thus I won’t buy MS Publisher again) that I can download and that would do a similar job to MSP? Notice that I am looking a legal download, I will check tucows, but would like some advice from the SDMB Super Geeks[sup]TM[/sup].

Here’s a page with some Publisher alternatives - free, cheap and not-so-cheap:

If you have Word or most any other word processor, you can also work with paper size, layout and such to try to create something similar to what you did with Publisher (not as easy, but do-able). You can include pictures, varying fonts and colors with Word.

Not all of them are for Windows, and none are free. But thanks, I’ll bookmark the page. :slight_smile: