IN line or ON line, etc.

Probably been done before, but there’re a lot of new Dopers, so I’m asking.

Personally, I wait IN line and I TAKE (not “have”) a shower.

How about you?
(Yeah, yeah, I can already hear all the posts about “Well personally, I take a bath. And I don’t have to wait in line to do it.” etc.)

Is this a geographically-based (american-only) language thing?
Any others?

I wait in line and take a shower.

I was raised in the midwest.

It seems on line waiters are from the Northeast. I’m not sure about having vs. taking a shower.

Over in Great Britain, there are no “lines” for everybody to wait on or in.

(You wait in a “queue” over there.)

Yes, tracer.

And they also have “take away” (food) while we have “take out”.

I think you’re right, but that, more specifically, “on line” is New York (as in New York City, 5 Boroughs), but I have nothing to back this up. Anyone?

I was born in (north) New Jersey and we’re all “in-liners”.

The one person I knew who said “have a shower” was from the Chicago area - Lake Forest, IIRC. Does that make it a mid-west thing?

(And incidentally, I would ask why I find this kind of thing interesting, but I think I’m afraid of the answer!)

I’m from upstate NY (Glens Falls) and I wait in lines and take showers.

Is the word “hella” mainly a Northern California thing? I never heard the word until I moved to Northern California, and it seems like people use it for every other word.

You may be right. I grew up in New Jersey, and grew old in New York (not that I’m that old but New York takes a lot out of you) and I say both. Depending. Depending on what I’m not sure.

But I’ve never had a shower. (no jokes)

It was Cartman’s favorite phrase on one episode of South Park, so therefore it must be popular in Colorado. :wink: