In London, what to do?

Well, I have some general idea revolving mainly around pubs and beer, but other than that, anyone have any tips for tourist&non-tourist goodness?

I`ll be staying until thursdag (at the Generator Hostel - cheap but dingy, for the full backpacking experience, I guess) before moving on to Budapest for the Sziget festival. Anyone have any favourite bars?

If you’d like to make me really jealous, take in Westminster Abbey and the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier therein.
Then again, I’m an awful history geek, so this may not apply to you…

Were I in London, I admit I would spend some time in the evenings watching Coronation Street as it’s broadcast, but that is surely just me.

First time? If so, no need to fear the Tourist Stuff. The Palace, Pall Mall, the Cabinet War Rooms, the Imperial War Museum*. London is Europe’s New York, so maybe take in a show. Take a cruise down to Greenwich to see the Zero Meridian. Great way to see the skyline.
*Three really bad words, a really neat place.

Be sure to be at Greenwich at 13:00 when the ball drops.

Budget tip: you can get a very nice lunch for 3 or 5 pounds in the heart of London. Check out the Internationale restaurant on St. Martin’s Square, immediately east of the National Gallery / northeast of Trafalgar Square (Charing Cross tube).

The Great British Beer Festival

'nuff said.