In 'N' Out (Burger) Fans Rejoice!

Reading this pit thread on McDonalds just made me realize how lucky I am to have a good fast food place to patronize.

In the last three years, I would estimate that I’ve gone to In ‘N’ Out at least one hundred times. In all that time, they have gotten my order wrong exactly one time (and they charged correctly for what they gave us, they just left out one drink, which was quickly replaced). And going with friends, a standard order is several different burgers, each ordered with different instructions.

Mmm. Now I want some fries.

It’s really good, but I don’t go there often. I often see lines of cars at them. I think there was at least another thread about this, but who cares! :slight_smile:

I’d rejoice a lot more if there was an In ‘N’ Out Burger location within a days drive of me.

We don’t have that chain in our island.
Personally, I love to go to Scores (it’s mainly deals with chicken meals, but also has steak). It’s more of a restaurant than fast-food (but you have the Express counter if you want food to go) they’re very polite, orders never wrong, and the food…delicious!
I usually get the grilled chicken burger that comes with crispy bacon (lettuce/tomato/onions), delicious fries, cup of coleslaw and a cup of gravy.

MmMMmm…Mouth-watering goodness…

I used to not be a big fan of In-n-Out–I was a Fatburger kind of gal. But, now that I’ve been on Atkins, I found out you can go to In-n-Out and order a burger “protein style” (wrapped in lettuce rather than a bun). I can live with that.

Plus, they are a fast-food place that I don’t mind giving my business to, as they do treat their employees well, as opposed to other fast-food joints.

Why won’t they open up a joint in, oh-- let’s say Michigan. I think Michigan should get an In ‘N’ Out Burger.

I don’t know if it’s like this in CA, but around here (here being the state of Arizona) it looks like they open their burger joints in “nice” areas of town, which means that those of us who live in more sketchy areas of town have to go well out of our way to get to In-n-Out. 10 miles each way to an In-n-Out? I’m not that interested in their burgers to bother with that.

In ‘N’ Out is truly a great restaurant. The highest quality food, truly great service, very clean, best wages and working condition to employees, I can’t think of a single bad thing about them. Well, there is that religious thing, but that’s pretty minor, and they’re very subtle about it.

Oh one other detail: my meal of choice (regular hamburger, regular fries, chocolate shake) contains 1,480 calories, 650 from fat! Gadzooks! No wonder it’s so frigging tasty. Can’t blame them for that, I suppose.

I moved from Northern California to Oregon about a month ago. I’m still not over the withdrawals :frowning:
Go get a #2, animal style with extra onions, fries with extra salt, and dip them in a 'nilla shake, and enjoy it for me, willya?

I’ve heard a lot of people online line talking about In ‘N’ Out. You’re all starting to piss off us east coasters! :smiley:

We do not have In n out burger in Oregon Either :frowning:

But the good thing is I get to treat myself to it when I travel to Southern Cal.

They have some in vegas too near the strip. I usually go there once or twice a year.

Ahh now I want one :frowning:

You know, if you had to go get your money back from a kid whose father was none other than Arthur Digby Sellers, author of the bulk of “Branded”, you’d be in the area. The key to these things is to find excuses to be in the area anyway.

And, yeah, they’re good burgers. I’d never thought about their order accuracy, but it’s quite good. I don’t think I’ve had an order messed up by anything worse than a forgotten drink or shake, and they usually rectify that free of charge.

By the way, I’m probably 10 miles from the closest In-N-Out, and it’s a happy drive.

In all fairness to McDonalds, it’s a lot easier to get an order right when you’ve only got about three items on the menu.