In Pixar's "Up", Did Russell Have Downs Syndrome? [spoilers]

We watched Pixar’s “Up” for the first time last night on DVD and loved it. We were both sniffling when Ellie died and again at the end when Russell got his prize. And the dog’s were adorable! We had one qusetion, though. Was Russell the Boy scout supposed to have Downs Syndrome? It seems that he did based on his appaerance, voice and behavior, but I don’t think it was mentioned. Did we miss something?

No, he was just Asian and stylized. And socially a late bloomer.

He was Asian? I didn’t get that at all. I think you’re just confusing this popular internet picture with the film.

At any rate, I didn’t think he had Down’s, I just thought he was a typical 8 year old: not very bright, not easily motivated, but (at times) full of enthusiasm.

I thought he was Asian too.

I thought he was clearly East Asian. In fact I am a bit surprised not everyone thought this.

Yeah, he was Asian. At one point I think he shows a picture of him and one of his parents?

Yup, definitely Asian. As for his mannerisms, I just put them down as “typical kid.” Nothing about his behavior indicated Downs Syndrome, IMO.

Also, “Russell” is kind of a stereotypical Asian name. For some reason, the children of East Asian immigrants seem to get tagged with old fashioned European names, like Eustace and Horace and Agnes and such - Russell is a name I wouldn’t be surprised to see attached to a little Asian kid.

Russell’s mom is in the audience when he gets his award, and she is clearly Asian.

Russell’s appearance is based on Pixar’s Peter Sohn, who is Korean-American, and his voice was done by Jordan Nagai, who is Japanese-American.

His cheeful clumsiness mixed with his single-minded enthusiasm was what made me think of Downs Syndrome.

Yeah, kids are like that too.

He was oriental not mental.

Comparison images for Russell vs. Peter.

Total aside and purely observational:
Many Korean children often have Biblical names, so you see Esthers and Peters and Pauls abounding. I think the slightly older names like that tends to be more Chinese heritage, and then for some reason Japanese people seem to just keep their Japanese names.


I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything!:smiley:

Just to pick a nit, it’s Down syndrome.

Well, I guess I’m just color-blind sometimes, eh.

I once saw an early concept image of Russell which depicted him with stereotypical Asian features (definitely slanty eyes, might have been buck teeth as well). I always figured that he was supposed to be Asian, not mentally disabled.

That is the American usage. In Britain, it is Down’s. It was named after a man named Down.