In praise of Albariño

Albariño, for those not familiar with it is a white wine from Spain. It’s the perfect wine to get the evening going. Hard to classify, but not as floral as most Sauv Blancs nor as heavy* as a Chardonnay.

The good stuff is minerally, with enough acidity to cut through some of the spicier foods. Perfect with seafood, whether appetizers or a main course. It’s my new go-to white wine. Love it. Anyone else? If you’re a wine lover and haven’t tried it, it needs to be on your list this year. Unfortunately, I’m somewhat of a beginner with this wine, so I don’t have a lot of recommendations. But I’ve yet to have a bad bottle.

And while I’m at it, what’s up with the under-appreciation for Spanish food in the US? We probably have 100 Italian restaurants for every 1 Spanish place. But that’s a topic for another thread…

*relatively speaking, for white wines. IOW, if I were doing a tasting, I’d put his wine after the Sauv Blancs, but before the Chards.