In Praise of Buffy Season One (DVD goodness)

Wow, I am 3 quarters of the way through the set now, and am amazed at how quickly the series found its voice. Also the humor was spot on- if a bit dated now. The first couple of episodes has the cute “baby fat Buffy” and later ones had the more familar “lean and mean Buffy”. Never understood the whole Buffy/Angel angst until watching the DVDs. Also was amazed to see Darla dusted in the first season- and later show up in later seasons and on Angel. Layers upon layers. Also the line about them never having happy relationships in “I Robot, You Jane” was prophetic as well. After the second DVD in the set, I fired up the computer and ordered season two from Amazon.
Peeves: no dolby digital encoding- that is frigging bush league! Extra features ok, but not stunning. Printed materials are skimpy. Menus are lackluster and do not work all that well. The stupid Fox infomercial on disk 4 is annoying as hell. Episodes not numbered in the menus’ only on the box. I wonder about the crossover episodes later on- will they be together? If not, they will not make much sense. Sigh-- stupid Buffy addiction. . . . .


I guess “lean and mean” to you is anorexic to me. I like Buffy with a woman’s shape rather than a little boys.

For me the first season is the “Squeaky season” Everyone’s voice is so strange.
I only like three episodes from the season, “Angel”, “Puppet Show” (is that what it is called? The one with the talent show), and “Prophecy Girl”.

I saw Season 2 at Costco today for 40 bucks. I’m gettign tempted.

I got kind of spoiled. My old roomates had the European versions of the sets so I was watching season 2 and 3 in huge blocks back in November.

Season 2 DVD is about 10 times better than season 1. (I mean, the special features, menus, etc.) Season 2 is definitely worth it.

Hey G.F.-- both Buffy’s are fine with me- I was just amazed at the change over one season- maybe it was the shooting schedule ect. . . which played a factor. I had not seen most of the first season before- so any new Buffy is good Buffy.

Pepperlandgirl-- thanks for the info! Come on Brown Santa hurry up! :smiley:

Ah, ah, ah, elf6c, as we learned in the closed captioning for The Gift, the plural of “Buffy” is “Buffies.” Willow says it when she’s trying to bring Buffy out of her comathing…

My favourite is Prophecy Girl. Joss said that he recorded a director’s commentary for it, but I haven’t seen that on my DVD anywhere.

I’m kind of broke right now, so I’m waiting for a few weeks to buy season two. I can’t wait.

It seemed like Season 1 was rushed out. Everything about it seemed cheap. Perhaps they’ll re-release the seasons as “Special Editions” later, when they have time to do them right.

“Some Assembly Required” in Season 2 (the one where the kid brother is building a Bride of Darryl) skips on my version. No other episode skips and the disc has no visible scratches. I’m wondering if it’s just mine or if everyone else’s skips as well.

Can anyone else with Season 2 check to see if their version skips? It starts in the scene where Buffy meets Darryl’s vegetative mom, who is watching old football videos.

No skip on mine.