In Praise of Things that Aren't

We all see on the boards, and everywhere in real life, irritating (or bad) things that are groused about because they constantly happen; inconsiderate assholes and deadbeat parents, irresponsible pet owners and rude teenagers, companies that try to screw you over in every available way and just basic injustices within the universe that never seem to get righted. So what I propose is a thread to laud those who know their limitations and proceed ahead to do the best possible thing anyhow, yet never get any credit for it. There’s quite a lot of import that should be put on what some folks do not do and it’s about high time they get some recognition for that. :slight_smile:

To start, here’s my partial list:

[li]Anyone who does NOT talk on their cell phone during a movie or other performance.[/li][li]The person who NEVER leaves the roll of toilet paper off the holder (or the coffee pot empty / shopping cart unattended in the parking lot / etc.).[/li][li]The customer service representative who does NOT give you the run around and follows through on your call.[/li][li]A business that does NOT see their employees as just a means to a expendable end.[/li]
And the biggest one for me ever…
[li]The child-free by choice who do NOT have kids they didn’t want or couldn’t afford or were best without. In the face of daily horror stories, I salute you.[/li][/ul]
That’s just a few of the ones off the top of my head that I wanted to honor. I’m sure there’ll be plenty more when I give it some more consideration. Perhaps you have a multitude to add? There has to be a lot to grease the Wheels o’ Life. :smiley: Therefore, let’s show a little acknowledgement and gratitude to those who quietly make the world a brighter place, all without anyone even knowing it. They deserve it.

On behalf of all of us CBC folks, THANK YOU. It helps make up for all the shit we take.

I’ll add:

Drivers who purposely don’t block a driveway or cross street while stopped in heavy traffic, so that someone can pull into the driveway or turn onto the street while traffic is just sitting there anyway.

All of the service people at my local grocery store, who are genuinely cheerful and helpful. All the time. Yes, really, they are. I LOVE shopping there.

People who take the trouble to clear all the snow and ice off their windows before driving, rather than just clearing one square foot in front of the steering wheel.

To restaurants that spend money on paying a real chef instead of on fancy-ass decor and atmosphere, kudos.

I’m tired of going to places that look adorable, and if you stand well back and squint at a plate of their food, it looks trendy, but when you taste it, you realize they’re using the same minimum wage fry-cooks as the fish ‘n’ chips joint down the block.

Hats off to doctors who actually see you within 5 minutes of arriving at their office. That would be my dentist.

And let’s hear it for the new kid at my local Blockbuster that doesn’t spoil the movie when I ask her if it was any good! She replaced the Spoiler Queen.

Scarlett, you are more than welcome. I’m also child-free by choice due to many things (most of which have to deal with mental illness issues) and I always wonder whenever there’s a discussion or thread around here lamenting something awful, why no one seems to mention those who side-step this sort of thing by never having kids in the first place. Because they should truly be appreciated for not having done what they knew would be the wrong decision for them and ultimately, most importantly, for future children.

/ soapbox :slight_smile:
Another: For the parents whose little ones do NOT misbehave in public. Oh, I’m not talking about small upset here, that undoubtedly happen to everyone, but the big freakin’ huge things that upset the apple cart in grocery stores, doctor’s offices and classrooms. Good job folks!!

Also: For young adults who are NOT disrespectful. Thank you all for doing your best to be mature.

Finally for this round: People who are NOT close-minded. You have no idea how grateful I am on these boards to see everyday posters that attempt to overcome their preconceived notions and to grow. You guys rock.

Yes, let’s hear it for them. A couple of times, I have talked to the adults in a family group, saying that it was nice to be able to enjoy my meal in the presence of children. I also tell the kids that they were acting very mature. This is loads of fun, as the kids are very pleased that their good behavior is recognized.

There are many, many helpful people in the video game community. Most of these folks are quite willing to give out hints, one at a time, so that they don’t spoil the game, and most of them do it for free.

Chiming in for the youngsters - so full of fun and laughter, helpful, kind, willing, thoughtful - sometimes I think I’m living in another world with all the bad mouthing they get. Kids will literally stand on their heads to make you laugh. They can roll up a pants leg, shave an eyebrow, have their pants hanging down by their knees and their hats on backwards for all I care - bring it on kids I love ya!

Shout out for all the nice CTA bus drivers and Metra conductors I’ve met over the past 2 weeks. ALL of them wished me a nice day (or responded in kind to my wish for them); most smiled back at me. MOST people on the bus were polite and courteous to their other passengers. (except for the one lady who when the lights went out on the bus [very briefly] called out “the rapture!” and glared at me when I smiled at her once the lights were back on. I had thought she was kidding–I was wrong…)
Seriously, I haven’t met a rude Metra passenger yet. Yay!

and for little ones who behave well in public, I almost always make a point of thanking the parents. I know how much work that can be!

George Bush DIDN’T
-Blow up Canada
-Fart all over your food
-Punch a giraffe in the face

So what if Obama can put a full sentence together.

These are all great! Even if Joey had to go invoke Dubya. :stuck_out_tongue:

One more before I pack it in for the night…

Parents who do NOT guilt trip (or otherwise emotionally abuse) their children. More should aspire to be like you.

-Guy who doesn’t speed up when I put my turn signal on to merge into his lane. Heck - sometimes he even slows down to make room for me! Similarly, guy who has the right of way but can see I’ll be stuck forever waiting to make a left turn, so he motions for me to go ahead. Thanks guy!

-Cashier who lets me use her grocery club card if I forget mine.
-Parents who ask, or have taught their kids to ask, if it’s ok to pet my dog. Good teaching and so so appreciated!
-Doctors who listen and have a “let’s work together!” demeanor. Gosh, funny how my white coat hypertension vanished when I stopped seeing Dr. I and started seeing Dr. D.

Taxi drivers and tourist-shop operators here in Thailand (or anywhere, really) that operate fairly and above-board, and don’t try to scam or overcharge anyone. The majority are like this, really, but it’s very much appreciated because the few bad apples tend to stand out.

We were on our way to a major tourist attraction once when someone on the street tried to tell us it was closed (in the hopes that we would be suckered into going with him to ripoff gem or tailor shops instead…it’s a standard scam). We knew enough not to believe him, but we were pleasantly surprised when another fellow a little way down the street explicitly said to us, “Don’t listen to him, it’s open everyday. Please go and have a nice time.” Likewise, a street vendor pointed out a fake monk to us and warned us not to give him any money.

I’d like to praise that person waiting at the ATM on Wilshire who didn’t pull out a bazooka and blast my car and me into pieces.

Also the dog who didn’t get rabies and jump into my window and attack me.

And the mail carrier who didn’t substitute my mail with a bomb.

Boy, there are so many things that aren’t.

Professors who hold up their end of my definition of a graduate education: “Reasonable people making unreasonable requests.”

Thank you for that one. :slight_smile:

[li]The people who DON’T run up on a traffic obstruction and try to force their way into the other lane.[/li][li]The folks who always make sure there’s coffee brewing after they take the last cup.[/li][li]The folks who offer help and follow through when they see someone struggling with something, be it work, a heavy package, or whatever.[/li][li]The folks who are responsible and caring enough for their pets to find a new home when they can’t keep them, or take their unwanted pets to a shelter instead of dumping them on the side of the road.[/li][/ul]