What are some things you could do without?

Here’s my partial list:

Some Things I Can Do Without:

  1. people telling me how I should feel or what I should do, regardless of my own feelings
  2. supercilious people who always think they’re superior to everyone else
  3. repeating myself endlessly… people should LISTEN to what you have to say!
  4. people who are unwilling to admit their mistakes
  5. people who deliberately misunderstand me
  6. stupid repeating commercials on TV
  7. endless spam mail in my inbox… no explanation needed
  8. people who insist on eternal gratefulness when it’s not called for (like my parents: “remember how they gave that up for you ten years ago?”)
  9. lectures from my parents and other people… sometimes, they DON’T know better than I do!
  10. news of crimes against children (especially sexual ones)
  11. dodgy TV show / movie premises (yeah, like we’re REALLY supposed to believe that the hero will make it through the war unscathed when there are zillions of enemy forces just waiting to blitz him)
  12. things that don’t live up to their hype (books, TV shows, movies, music, etc.)
  13. viruses that hit you at the WORST time (both medical and computer ones)
  14. sudden inconvenient changes of plans
  15. dodgy baby names like Unique, Veal, Truth, Wisdom, Cappuccino, etc. (what is UP with that trend of naming your kid after food products and words in the dictionary?)
  16. people who don’t like me for no reason at all
  17. violence against women and children
  18. not being told things till the last minute (or not being told at all, because “you don’t have to know about it”… well, I like being informed… isn’t that good enough?)
  19. ads for erectile dysfunction while watching TV
  20. infant fatalities that could’ve been prevented
  21. dodgy “easy-listening” artists, like Celine Dion
  22. people who joke about needing help, knowing that you’re going to put in time and effort to help them… only to say: “oh, I was only JOKING” afterwards
  23. people who have a sense of humor that is either inappropriate or non-existent
  24. people who assume way too much about others
  25. seemingly unexplainable and unsolvable computer problems
    Post your own, or comment on my list (and others’)… it’s all good. Having a cathartic vent is a good thing.


You really shouldn’t feel that way! :stuck_out_tongue:
I could have done without that bitch at lunchtime today. I’m picking up lunch, backing up parallel parking, and this blonde teenage girl ducks headfirst into the spot! GRRRRR! I was so surprised I didn’t even think to flick her the bird!
Bad day Flamster dear? Hugs! :slight_smile:

As some day it may happen that a victim must be found,
I’ve got a little list–I’ve got a little list
Of people who annoy me and might well be underground,
And who never would be missed–who never would be missed!
There are models who weigh 90 pounds and tell you that they’re fat,
Biographers who claim to own a subject just like that,
People in the Shop-Rite blocking aisles with their carts,
All sitcoms using plots that try to warm our little hearts,
And chiropractors who treat AIDS by giving you a twist–
They’d none of them be missed–they’d none of them be missed.

She’s got them on the list–she’s got them on the list,
And they’ll none of them be missed–they’ll none of them be missed.

There’s the lawyers who claims verdicts all depend on what’s your race,
They’ve really got me pissed–I’ve got them on the list!
And people who smoke cigarettes and puff 'em in your face;
They never would be missed–they never would be missed!
Then the idiot who talks out loud with shrill and strident tone
On all commuter busses in his bloody new cell phone!
And the stout commuting lady who goes trudging down the street
With a business suit above but great big sneakers on her feet;
Jim Carrey, Robin Williams and all manic humorists;
I don’t think they’d be missed–I’m sure they’d not be missed.

She’s got them on the list–she’s got them on the list–
And she don’t think they’d be missed–she’s sure they won’t be missed!

Religious politicians who just now are rather rife–
Especially Baptists–I’ve got them on the list!
Who get into the Congress and then try to rule your life;
They’d none of them be missed–They’d none of them be missed!
Pretentious actors who insist their name is said “Rafe Fines,”
All critics who choose books that show up in The New York Times,
New Jerseyites who decorate their lawns with plastic gnomes,
And balding men who glue long strands of hair upon their domes–
But it doesn’t really matter who you put upon the list;
For they’d none of them be missed–they’d none of them be missed!

I miss psycho women, who used to make me crazy. I miss those younger days. I miss the ability to block out the memory of those psycho women, who used to make me crazy.

Violence against men is fine by you?

As for me, I could do without…

People who beleive they’re right as long as the SPEAK LOUDLY ENOUGH!

the word, “dodgy” !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

My UT boss (Useless Tit, that is).
All these cavities. I brush and floss. Why won’t my teeth stop rotting?

This excess 150 pounds of fat that has attached itself to my ass, waist, thighs, arms and chin and no matter what I do WILL NOT GO AWAY!!
The extra 350 pounds of worthless older brother that has attached himself to my couch and, no matter what I do or say, WON’T GO AWAY!!

The list is much longer but the baby just woke up. To be continued…

I could do without my stupid inability to ignor people’s comments, inability to forgive and move on.

Oh and the inability to fly!!

Wow…thats a lot of things you don’t like. I don’t really like drivers who in a traffic jam take out their hostility the person directly in front of them even though there is a huge line of traffic. But I do like kittens and icecream (but not at the same time)

if6was9, thanks. It got better last night, as my friends and I had a very interesting discussion about dating and relationships. At least the evening was productive, if nothing else.

Eve, great rhyme! :slight_smile: I know it’s about things you don’t like, but the rhyme made me smile.

Odieoneeye, did I explicitly say violence against men was fine by me? No, I did not.

NoClueBoy: Well, I’ve happen to like that word ever since I came across it. Kind of like the word “gobsmacked,” really… it’s different without being overly so, y’know? So there you go. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sekhmett Kiba, I definitely know what you’re talking about. If I could ignore people’s negative comments and move on with true forgiveness, things would probably be better. But seems it’s not so easy. sigh

If I could fly, that would be cool.

HotRail, you should have seen the list BEFORE it got trimmed down to 25 things! (I could have posted up a list of 50 things easily, but decided to edit certain things out)

bojon: if I could block out certain memories of things that made me crazy, I’d be sailing down a golden road right now.

featherlou, I guess it’s a natural process of age and tooth decay. :smiley: Seriously though, that can be aggravating.


Unemployment. :frowning:

Commercials about feminine products.

People talking on their cell phones when I am trying to wait on them.

People who do not bath or wash their clothes, and you have to wait on them anyway.

  1. My sister, after she has just said/done something that annoys me, asking "are you cranky?
  2. The other girl who works at my store. We never have to work together, we alternate nights. But when I give her THREE WEEKS notice that I need to switch a night and she conveniently forgets, THAT I can do without. (I’ve been debating pitting her b/c the story is way longer than that).
  3. The insane heat that my radiator produces. It wakes me up in a sweat and now it’s making me sniffly.
  4. People who don’t move when you say “excuse me” 3 times and audibly enough.
  5. This pain in my neck. How the hell did it get there anyway?
  6. Stupid customers who expect me to fetch their items for them. I am not your dog.
  7. Ever notice how people with bad breath tend to lean in closer?
  8. Friends who say “you didn’t know that?!” HellO! I’m always the last to know. Don’t be so damn shocked when I don’t know things if NO ONE told me!
  9. Feeling left out.

Thanks Flam, I needed this!

Oh, this is fun, and catharitic (sp?) too!

  • My stupid workmate who thinks he’s god’s gift to women because he has a six pack, likes to boast about his cheating, and can’t keep his hands to himself
  • Old ladies that take up two seats on a full to bursting bus - one for them and one for their shopping bags, because they’re, y’know, old, and can’t possibly put the shopping on their lap or by their feet.
    -People who sit in bars and cafes with their friends, and then proceed to spend their whole time talking on their mobiles
  • My boyfriend’s parents when they try and control our lives, or send my boyfreind on a massive guilt trip over some percieved dereliction of fillial obligations.
  • Anti-semitism- yes, it’s still alive and well here in Hungary folks, along with an even worse hatred of gypsies, plus some nasty homophobia and mysogyny.
    -Overly cynical people
    I’m sure I can think of lots more, but that’s enough for now, otherwise i’ll be ranting and raving for half the night.

Eve, that was brilliant! Guess what I am going to be humming the rest of the night.:wink:

I could add a few more:

People who don’t realize that you’ve learned from your mistakes.
People who hound you about your mistakes.
People who criticize you needlessly, and in a less-than-constructive way.