In praise of undercelebrated distilled liquors - #1 Old Overholt

I could certainly sing the praises of The Balvenie, which has made friends with my palate and immediately inherited a place in my liquor cabinet; but in many ways it would be like composing a new anthem lauding the exquisite discernmental assessment strategies of the Cecil – it ain’t that it’s wrong, or in some silly fashion out of style, oh no, but rather that it’s an anthem with which you and your liquor cabinet are well familar, to the betterment of you both, but no news being received here. And no ignorance dispelled.

Instead I come here to sing an accolade to a rye. Smooth, easy, deliciously sunny, gentle on the tongue, as mellow as a late July afternoon in a comfy chair post-barbecue sitting watching the clouds darken into evening sunset glorious strips of color as resolution deepens before darkness.

Old Overholt. Who the heck ever heard of Old Overholt? On the other hand, who, having sipped from a glass therof, would seriously consider any other rye except as comparison to this standard?

Rums, Bourbon whiskeys, Scotches single-malt and otherwise: your challenge has been answered, from a venue you’ve probably discounted if you’ve even thought of it. Whoever seriously considered rye whiskey?

Damn this stuff is good!

Y’all chime in. Don’t post stuff we already know about and already have replacement bottle #X sitting in our cabinets. What’s really good and uncelebrated?

It used to be mildly famous. Sometimes you hear references to it as ‘Old Overcoat’. That ring any bells?

Ah, yes, Old Overcoat. My editor used to keep a bottle in his bottom drawer and nip at it when composing his weekly tirades against the gub’mint.

It’s also surprisingly good when made into a Manhattan, which is usually made with bourbon in bars these days. Now, I have nothing against bourbon, but if I want a cocktail, I’m going to order a Margarita, not bourbon, sweet vermouth and cherries. Rye has the warmth and bite to make the cosktail sing.

HOLY CRAP! Stop reading my mind! I swear, I just two minutes ago finished writing an email saying how I’ve discovered this rather nice rye whiskey called Old Overholt at a bar over the weekend. I’ve been getting a bit tired of bourbons lately, and wanted to try some more rye. Unfortunately, the only ryes I can find around are Jim Beam Rye (which isn’t bad) and Wild Turkey Rye (which is not as good.) So when I saw Old Overholt Rye on the menu, I had to give it a shot.

Not only is it a very smooth and refined rye, it’s also cheap as sin. It’s like $15 a bottle on-line. Now I gotta find a liquor store that carries it.

Ah yes, Old Overcoat. The only two bottles that you’re always guaranteed to find in my liquor cabinet are Old Overholt and Van Winkel Family Reserve Rye. Check this out, even though it may be a little out of date.

It makes a nice Old Fashioned, too.