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About 15 years back my mother decided to do a family tree and dig as far back as possible to see who she was related too. She was born in Dumphries, Scotland as were most of her relatives before her. After a few months of searching she discovered that J M Barrie was related to her. Every man since him has carried on the name, including my late grandfather James McGregor Barrie. My mother’s brother was taking a trip back to Scotland and ventured through some of the wax musems and such. As it turns out they happen to have a statue of him in one of the musems.

Just a little note but I found it interesting to see it here, I don’t see his name mentioned all that often and wanted to share that with anyone interested.

Quote from the homepage:

“All kidding aside, J. M. Barrie did not invent the name Wendy for his 1904 play Peter Pan, the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up (the book form of the story, Peter and Wendy, was published in 1911). He did popularize it, though. Barrie apparently was inspired to use the name by a young friend named Margaret Henley, the daughter of writer William Henley. Margaret, who died around 1895 at age 6, called Barrie her “friendy.” Since she couldn’t pronounce her Rs at the time, the word came out “fwendy,” or “fwendy-wendy,” in some versions of the story.”

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