In states with legal marijuana, is it sold in the airports

I’m guessing no as that can cause trafficking problems. I have seen alcohol for sale both on the plane and in the airport in various airports, but that is legal in all 50 states. If someone had a layover in Denver or Seattle are there options for them to buy any marijuana at the airport, or would they have to leave?

No. Cannabis is sold in both states only by licensed retailers, with some fairly tight restrictions about number and location. Neither Washington nor Denver have licensed any retailers for any airports, and given the dance they’re doing with the Feds, will not in any foreseeable future.

Pot purchased in state is illegal to transport across state lines, so that won’t happen. No airline, even in flights between CO and WA, for example, is going to want to open that can of worms, so don’t expect it anytime soon.

I saw a news story where they said that you can take marijuana on board your flight in Oregon but they’ll notify the arrival state about your marijuana.

I know it is illegal, but I didn’t know if an airport would offer single serving offerings that had to be consumed in the store or something like that for people just passing through. However the legal logistics of it would make it very risky to do something like that because people could try trafficking it.

Smoking pot in the retail establishments is not allowed. It is sold for home consumption only. My brother works in a pot store in Tacoma, he says the visits from those regulating pot are too frequent and unannounced, it would put the license at risk to get caught. Someone opened a smoking salon late last year and was put out of business a few days later.

On a side not, the state of Washington close all medical marijuana outlets last week, those using pot for medical reasons must now buy the stuff at licensed dealers. Of course, that means they get to pay the taxes now too.

In one iteration of the scramble to write statutes, you couldn’t transport from WA to OR even though it’s legal in both states, which adjoin. Not sure if that’s made it into law–the legislature got deadlocked on parts of the marijuana laws and wasted a lot of their time.

Given that airports are governed by Federal law, and pot use is still illegal under Federal law, this is probably another reason, you won’t see pot sold at airports.

Much in the same way that at most of the ski resorts in Colorado, pot use is prohibited. Most of the ski resorts lease the land from the Federal government, and such use would probably violate their lease agreement.

Oregon is now letting people who fly in state to carry marijuana on their flights.

I’m not sure how helpful that is, unless people are frying from Portland to Eugene or something.

It’s illegal at DIA.

What is DIA

Nice typo:D

Denver International Airport is assume, although the airport code is DEN.