In the 24th Century, Do They Know What an Omelet Is?

I just finished watching José Andrés make a Spanish omelet on TV. Damn, did it ever look good! :yum:

I’ve heard that referred to as “The Riker maneuver.”

The Army doesn’t stash weapons everywhere, though.

Because their opponents don’t just materialize out of thin air anywhere they please.

No enemy in their right mind is going to make capturing the galley/recreation area a priority, either.

I can imagine one pastry chef wasting another in a fight over who makes the better napoleons, though.

Well, if Steven Seagal was the cook, and Gary Busey was acting as XO . . .

That’s about the proper level of absurdity for the rationale of stashing deadly weapons all over the ship for everyone to use.

We’ve had this conversation before, about you oversalting the bouillabaisse. Time to settle this once and for all.

No, it’s all well and good, and desirable, to place weapons all over the ship.

What does starfleet have that the modern US Navy does not? Two things:

  1. Potentially hostile aliens that come on board without warning, at any time,
  2. (theoretically) Competent, well-adjusted crew who aren’t going to shoot each other over the horrble omelet, or losing a chess game or a poker hand.

If anything, the episode history shows that they should carry phasers all the time.

Don’t these starships have shields or other technology to prevent others from just beaming aboard the ship without permission?

Yes, until that technology fails.

Or the plot demands alien is more advanced.

If Valeris had been shown using some biometric key to unlock the arms locker, that would be different. I’d fanwank it that the locker read her com badge signature within the required distance and unlocked the normally secure phaser compartment.

No combadges until the Next Generation. In the 23rd century, they still had to use the ship’s intercom or pull their communicators off their belts.

You’d bet your life on this, eh?


Yeah, like on the ISS Enterprise.


They don’t keep phasers in the galley to fend off intruders. They keep phasers in the galaxy because it makes clean up so easy. Set to wide area dispersal, minimum power, squeeze the trigger, and your countertops are instantly cleaned and sterilized. What else are you going to do? Rub a piece of damp fabric on them, like some sort of 20th century savage?

With everyone but Worf.

“You touched your ROOK but did not MOVE it? You have no HONOR!”

… And everyone else in the 24th century is a PUSSY! :cat:

Except for all the villains-of-the-week who beat up Worf.