"In the air tonight" cover song?

In the ads for the upcoming movie Coach Carter there is what appears to be a cover of Phil Collins’ song, “In the air tonight” playing in the background. It’s definitely not Collins’ voice. I checked the Coach Carter soundtrack but nothing there. Any help?

According to this site it’s a group called Nonpoint.

Who are, judging by the song, nontalented. Not that “In The Air Tonight” was musical genius to begin with.

I like both the cover and the original of “In the air tonight” just fine. Thank you, TellMeI’mNotCrazy, for finding the band name for me.

Recently, I heard Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service singing “Against All Odds.” I think it was for a soundtrack as well. Didn’t know that sucky Phil Collins and his Genesis was making a comeback with the kids…

Geez, why all this hatred for Phil Collins and his music? I’ve heard much worse music from a lot of other artists and groups. At least he has technical skills and a sense of humor and an expressive voice. Even if you don’t care for everything he’s done, at least you can admire his ability to earn a decent living at his craft. Not every piece of music has to brilliant, profane or excessively over-produced. Save your scorn for Celine Dion!

I never realized Genesis and Phil Collins had such a large anti-following. I really like Genesis; granted I like most of the Peter Gabriel Genesis stuff more than the Phil Collins, but I like all of it pretty well. Wondering now if I’m in the minority…

I’m probably the #1 Genesis fan on the straightdope. Many Genesis fans dislike when Collins took over. I admire both Collins and Gabriel. Sure, there is some solo Collins stuff that I don’t care too much for. But, 98% of Collins and Gabriel is just amazing. *In The Air Tonight * is one of Phil Collins’ best solo works. It is one of the few songs that Collins did as a solo artist that could have been a Genesis song.