In The Flesh: New British Zombie Drama

Premiering this Sunday the 17th, it sounds like an interesting take on the zombie genre. Synopsis: “*Set after a zombie uprising, treated zombies are rehabilitated back into society.” *

Some clips are also available at the links. BBC links probably require a UK ip address though.

Hadn’t heard of this till now, but it looks like it could be interesting. Will give it a shot - looks like there’s only 3 parts too.

The Guardian gave it a very positive review today. I’ll watch on the strength of that.


Do you have a link handy? I tried to google it but only found their preview from the 15th.

No reviews yet. The Guardian has this:

Seems to start at 10.00pm tonight (first hour of a three-parter). Quite a lot of drama to keep up with at the mo … hope to catch it though.

whoa! Well, I’m no fan of the zombie genre but the synopsis drew me in (“Set after a zombie uprising, treated zombies are rehabilitated back into society.” ).

It works. Really works: Excellent first hour, imo.

Absolutely worth checking out, even for non-zombies. It’s well done and intelligent.

Thank you sir. I will be anxiously awaiting it’s arrival at an “outlet” near me. :wink:

shouldn’t be too long now … :smiley:

I liked it. Excellent premise, which adds a new wrinkle to the zombie canon.

I was intrigued by one aspect they put out but did not elaborate on - Kieran no longer eats. He gazed at the leg of lamb with what appeared to be both longing and revulsion due to past acts as a zombie. So how do “cured” people with PSD get their nourishment?

I dunno, maybe the injection, or they’re mostly dead … I don’t even know if we should start using spoiler code …

Sounds a tiny bit like “Babylon Fields” which was an American pilot from about 5 or 6 years ago.

Just caught up with this - I liked it a lot. Interesting premise and done with some intelligence.

I guessed that

they weren’t coming for Kieran, but I didn’t think that was the deal with Ricky Tomlinson’s character. I thought that was quite well done as a bit of misdirection.

The trailer for next week looked good, I’m looking forward to it.

I think this is only a miniseries, has 3 episodes as far as I can see. I caught episode #2 last night on BBC3. It was surprisingly good. It was slightly surreal, the zombie apocalypse has happened but things are somewhat back to normal. It was much more obviously satirical than a lot of recent zombie stuff. The novel(ish) premise of the show was that zombies can be, through arduous treatment, rehabilitated into becoming almost normal again. A nod, I suppose, to Day Of The Dead. I thought the zombie craze was played out a good few years ago so it’s nice to see someone doing something new with it. I was a fan of The Walking Dead but I found it just getting stale and repetitive and have abandoned it in S3. Did any other UK/Ireland dopers catch In The Flesh? What did you all think?

How very bizarre, we had a thread about this last week, but can’t find it for the life of me.

Anyway, I’ve literally just watched episode 3 (the final one) and I have to say I really really liked it. Like you, I liked the new take on the old idea, and I thought some of the acting was superb. Couple of genuine shocks in the last episode too.

I have to say, though, in the end I’m not sure it was about zombies at all, but about redemption, hope, love, identity. All the good stuff. It was about zombies in the same way that Buffy (at first, anyway) was about vampires. The world-creation was spot in, too, I thought: very true to how I’d imagine a battered Yorkshire/Lancashire village would react in that sort of situation.

Nice to see Ricky Tomlinson in a supporting acting role for a change too. He didn’t do much, but he did it well, I thought.

I hope to find episode 1 online at some point. I don’t get the BBC player alas but the 3rd episode shall be repeated next Saturday.

Found the other thread, it was niggling at me. Not much there mind, but fwiw.

I’ve merged the two threads about this show, but I went with the newer title. The original thread title was “What’s the SD on BBC 3’s “In the Flesh.””

Tbh, you’re not going to get through the door at BBC Drama without layers of allegory, ciphers, motiffs, metaphors, etc, etc coming out your arse.

Yep, having now seen the full 3 hours it was very good and an interesting take on the traditional story, with a lot more. I liked the ‘second chance’ stuff at the end but as Charley mentions, there’s hope, redemtion, forgiveness, justice, and all your usual friends.

Def worth 3 hours of your time. BBC1, 2 and 3 on a roll atm, as is C4 and (God help us) ITV - happy days for UK tv drama.

Thanks Marley.

btw, I noticed at the end this was a co-production with BBC America so it will be shown in the US.