In The News

Does anyone remember In The News?

This, along with Schoolhouse Rock, was one of my favourite bits of Saturday morning cartoons. I’d really love to watch all of the original segments again. It would be interesting to see how much has changed in the world, how much hasn’t changed, how news stories of the day turned out, and how the present compares to the early-to-mid-'70s. And I’m a sucker for 16mm documentary footage, vintage styles, and vintage cars.

Heh…I remember that deedilydeedilydeedilydeedily intro it had. Loved Christopher Glenn’s voice.


And that deedilydeedilydeedilydeedily thing too!

Somehow I misremembered/attributed the narrator to Charles Osgood (maybe from my love of the Osgood File). Maybe he subbed sometimes?

Johnny, there are a few segments on YouTube. Not a lot, though…like less than ten, that I could find.

The wiki article Johnny linked says it was Christopher Glenn and Gary Shepard who did the narrations.


By the way, did anyone else see the title and think Johnny L.A. was posting to say he was literally in the news?

I’m not even a suspect! Why would I be in the news?

Anyway, I didn’t even know the guy.

Which came firstI think that “In the News” or “In the Know?” Somehow I had always thought that “In the News” might have evolved out of a “Josie and the Pussycats” segment called “In the Know,” in which the Pussycats hosted a minute or so blurb about. . . something.

From the link: