Newsradio on DVD!

A while back there was a topic with a wishlist of TV shows on DVD. Newsradio season 1 and 2 is out on DVD now! There’s commentary for 20 episodes. I can’t wait until season 3 comes out. That’s the season with Super Karate Monkey Death Car, right?

I’ve just watched the gag reel twice. I had no idea that Maura Tierney was such a potty mouth! Andy Dick’s gags are hilarious too though part of me wonders how much is due to the drugs. It’s sad and vaguely morbid seeing Phil Hartma and John Ritter together too.

Jimmy has plans and fancy pants to match. Hee!

YAY!!! Thanks for posting this!

Now if only we could get WKRP on DVD I could die happy. Screw the cost of the music licensing – they managed to do it for Freaks and Geeks!

As soon as I get the cash together, I’m getting it. I’ve waited forever to get NewsRadio on DVD, and now’s my chance.

But yeah, they need to get season 3 out. Evil Dave, Super Karate Monkey Death Car, Matthew getting fired…

Save the humanoids!

Hurray! Sometimes I forget it ever existed, then I see an episode and am reminded how damn good it was. And what a cast! Not a dud among 'em. Which season had all the heat wave-induced daydreams, 'cause I gotsta see the bit with Matthew’s homoerotic Tom Sawyer-inspired fantasies. So many good times… When Matthew pretended to go to Japan but really spent the time in the library reading up on the country (and “brought back” a Hello Kitty bag for Bill). Smatthew. Jon Stewart as Matthew’s “twin” brother (I still play the mirror game with my best friend). And when Matthew becomes an angry British punk… Now, why do I dislike Andy Dick so much?

Oh, and this is one of the smartest bits of television ever written

Lisa: Alright, look I did not ask for the stupid award.
Beth: If I were you I’d be upset too. I mean you? Cute? Come on.
Lisa: I am not entirely uncute. I… I… Why are you being nasty about this?
Beth: I’m not being nasty. You’re pretty. You’re very pretty in fact. But cute, I don’t think so.
Lisa: Well I wasn’t aware there was a difference.
Beth: Well of course there is a difference. Pretty means pretty. Cute means pretty but short and/or hyperactive - like me.
Lisa: Uh huh. What is beautiful?
Beth: Beautiful means pretty and tall.
Lisa: Gorgeous?
Beth: Pretty with great hair.
Lisa: Striking?
Beth: Pretty with a big nose.
Lisa: OK, you’re making this up.
Beth: That’s ridiculous, why would I make it up?
Lisa: Voluptuous?
Beth: Pretty and fat.
Lisa: Sexy?
Beth: Pretty and easy.
Lisa: Exotic?
Beth: Ugly

I have a particular fondness for the scene where Dave explains to Jimmy why, when he was a kid, he was deathly afraid of letting the other kids know that he was Canadian.

(He thought they would think he was a spy.)

I just wish A&E would start showing them again. I would hell of TIVO me some NewsRadio.

The Biography Channel shows it occasionally, but I never catch it (especially now that I don’t have it anymore.)

I wish Comedy Central would pick it up, since they run the hell out of all their shows, which means we’d get to see it 83 times a day.

This show is one of the main reasons I miss the 90s. It’s the TV show that most closely matches my sense of humor, almost perfectly. It’s my favorite show of all time. The first show of the last season is my favorite TV episode of all time.
Bill: “How could she … French her daddy?”

I was laughing so hard my chest hurt and I couldn’t breathe. Bill is such a bastard. Such a perfect bastard. And Jimmy James. And oh my, Lisa Miller. deep breathe sigh

I can’t wait for their “What if?” episodes. What other live action show has done that?

I’m laughing just reading the 2 sentence summaries over at TV tome for the later seasons.

Is is both seasons boxed together? Who does the commentaries?

Yes, it’s season one and two on three discs. Dave Foley, Stephen Root, Paul Simms and some director guy do commentary - I haven’t tried commentary beyond the pilot. I’ve heard that Maura Tierney doesn’t do any commentary.

I only watched Newsradio a couple of times. I’m not much of a primetime TV watcher. But I remember a scene that might have been the funniest I’ve ever seen. It was when the older guy tries to speak “black”. He comes up with nonsense, but the others keep encouraging him. He thinks that he’s relating to young balck culture, but he just sounds stupid. Does anyone recall this episode? I’d love to watch that one again.

“Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor DAMN!” That was the one where Bill asks Catherine for help with an endorsement he’s picked up for himself. Looking at the episode guide, that was episode 47, “Office Feud.” That’ll be in the next DVD set.

thank you jebus!

Thanks. Is the show still aired in syndication?

Just started watching my DVD. Such a great show… “Butta-foo-co”

And Buttafuoco to you too!

Gazizza dilsnoufuses!

I have often wondered if Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z were big NewsRadio fans.