In the TNG episode "Timescape," what happened to the Romulans?

Just watched the episode again; always fun when TNG plays with time. This was a fun mystery.

Anyway, at the end of the episode, everything is returned to normal [Spoiler?] – the power transfer is stopped, the hull breach is prevented…and the Romulan ship disappears.

Data posits that the Romulans “returned to their time continuum.” But when/where is that? Wasn’t their continuum the same as the Enterprise, since the vessels were communicating with each other and sending Romulans aboard?

In the ensuing Captain’s Log, Picard says (but we’re not shown) the Enterprise did indeed evacuate the Romulan ship and took the crew to the Neutral Zone. But where did they find the ship? And what happened to the Romulans already aboard the Enterprise, like the ones on the bridge?

Memory Alpha just parrots the episode dialogue, with no explanation. Where did that warbird go?

My only theory is that, since they’d been dealing with the time problem longer, they actually came from some point further in the past. Not all that long ago, but enough that they hightailed it out of there rather than be in Federation space.

He wasn’t referring to the Romulans. He was referring to the creature from trans-dimensional space that were using the singularity (that powers the Romulan ship) to incubate their young.

They didn’t find it. It left our time continuum.

The Enterprise took them to the neutral zone and (presumably) met up with a Romulan ship to transfer the Romulan crew to.