In the "You've GOT to be Shittin' Me" Department. . .

The potential jokes are just too obvious. Saudi Arabia has a beauty pageant. For sheep.

Not going for the obvious joke. Not going for the obvious joke.

:hits “Submit” before his will gives out:

I will.

I didn’t know Hal was Arabic.
The poor guy will never hear the end of this.

Now I have no reason to ever sleep. I can just watch this show and count sheep.

In other news: Conservative Saudi clerics demanded that henceforth sheep wear burqas.

Well, yes, the jokes; they write themselves. But looking past the Simpson’s-level humor …
Looks to me about like a dog show in the US. Tedious Wankers all.

If you’ve ever been to a county fair anywhere in the US, beauty contests for barnyard animals are completely normal. There are even, at least for sheep, combined contests where the sheep and it’s handler (iusually female) are both judged on beauty, poise, conformation, etc. Nothing sillier than a 14 year old girl all gussied up & wearing high heels parading a sheep around a straw-covered pen trying to avoid the sheep shit.

The only real difference between the US & Saudi sheep contest is the US ones are done in a very agro-oriented style, while the Saudi one seems to be done in an citified Westchester Dog Show style.

Paging Hal

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