in what craigslist category would you advertise for a caregiver/housmate for an elderly couple

that would offer free room, board, and salary?

There is a “childcare” category in the community section, but nothing specifically for older couples. Then, there is “household” in the services category, but I don’t know how many folks would look there for such a thing.

What do you think?


None. I would advertise in a local newspaper or call the local senior center or county/provincial senior citizen ombudsman or even ask the elderly couple’s primary physician for recommendations. If my mother ever needs such care, we’d start with her church because she knows the people there well.

If you absolutely must use craigslist, Munch’s suggestion makes the most sense, but be prepared for responses from spammers and scammers and screen vigorously.

good suggestions. Thanks

I would list it under healthcare jobs. I just did a search under “live-in” on chicago craigslist and there was a bunch of listings.