In what order would you perform these tasks?

[Note: In tasks A and B, you may carry only one block at a time.]

Task A: Carry 10 50lb blocks up a 100ft ramp.

Task B: Carry 10 25lb blocks down a 100ft ramp.

task C: Load 10 25lb blocks in a wagon, pull wagon a 100ft across a level plane.

I would do what I considered to be the hardest one first and the easiest one last.

Do you have to walk back up the 100 ft ramp before you carry the 10 25lb blocks back down?

Task D: drive to Home Depot and offer someone 50 bucks to do it for me.


Are we talking about the same ramp? I’d take a big block up, bring a smaller block down with me and load it in the wagon, and back and forth till they were all moved, then move the wagon.

Seems we need more info about the ramp(s), the wagon, and the rules. For example, can we carry a single 50 lb block up the ramp, then carry a 25 lb block down the same ramp and place it on a wagon at the bottom, repeated 10 times, and then pull the wagon across the level plane?

Anyway, I would not do them in order of decreasing difficulty as some have suggested. Tasks B and C are not difficult unless we’re already exhausted from task A, so if we had to do one task at a time I would do A last.

I’d do the hardest first, easiest last.

Well, look at you with that big smarty brain of yours.

No mam, you’re only allowed to use the options given to you by your idiot boss. :slight_smile:

I always do the easiest tasks first. Where I work, a project is very likely to be canceled before it is complete. In fact, after the wagon task, I would be bitching and moaning about the uselessness of moving stupid blocks on management whim, until my boss found someone else to do it. :smiley:

I would try to do the task in a way that minimizes steps. So I would carry a block up the ramp, grab one of the blocks that go down and carry it to the wagon, and repeat until everything is loaded. Then I would move the wagon (assuming I understand the scenario).

If I have a boss that’s so idiotic as to not allow me to perform the task in the most efficient way possible, the rest of the question becomes moot, because I now lack any criteria to make the decision.

Sticking within the confines of the scenario, my arms would be aching after carrying 50 pounds up three inclined football fields. I think to the point that I’d be pretty pooped trying to carry even 25 pound weights down three inclined football fields.

So I’d do the hardest first, and then recooperate a bit by doing the wagon thing, then carry the weights downhill.

I’m pretty sure I can’t actually lift 50lbs. And I’m quite sure I can’t lift 50lbs ten times any significant distance, let alone up any significant incline, without a few days rest in between.

If I were to scale the question for weights I might actually be able to manage I’d go with either acb or cab. I’d try to get the hardest part done first. I’m not sure whether that would be a or c.

Well, I don’t know about your idiot boss, but my idiot boss is going to bitch even louder about me having overtime than he would about me not doing the tasks by his options. So I’d smile and nod while he outlined the options and then go on and do it the efficient way anyhow. And 90% of the time, he never knows I didn’t use his inefficient options, so everyone is reasonably content.


The toughest first, followed by the easiest for a break, then the second toughest.

However, I won’t carry the block up. I will slide it up or something i the same vein.

I totally misinterpreted the question. I saw it as “Which of these tasks would you prefer to do, and put them in ranked order.” So disregard my vote.