In what ways am I obliged to my employers if I am leaving?

So I am preparing to leave my job - a developer at a university, part of a research team but my job is mainly implementation. There is a 1 month notifcation period, and I can tender via an electronic system. The country’s Singapore, if it matters. I do have a job offer pending, but would like to leave on good terms with the PhDs and the professor in charge?

Besides the 30 days in advance, what else to I owe my current employers?

  1. I am leaving at the start of a ‘development cycle’, meaning that I have completed one part of a project and it is going into a second part. Any big issues there?

  2. The contract just states the 30 days.

  3. I still have unused leave days but I’m more than prepared to skip them if the transition is smooth (yah sometimes I can be a wuss).

This is my first job, so I have no idea how to go about this. I believe I may be pestered to stay (by my supervisor, not the professor though). I am prepared to be around for the one month period to ease any new guy in, but I am not looking forward to the nagging, guilt trips and etc.

Any advice?

I am also in Singapore, and have tranistioned jobs a number of times…

  1. Prepare a VERY comprehensive handover document.
  2. List any and all contacts, documents, procedures and whatever that have even passing relevance
  3. Go through the hand over document with immediate superior and junior to make sure you have included everything
  4. Name any files that you use with very easy to understand file names, and make sure that any electronic filing is simple to understand
  5. If possible, keep a copy of of where items are filed for yourself for later reference (more on this soon)
  6. If possible make an external back-up of any files
  7. Leave a forwarding email AND phone number
  8. Be prepared to be called up to six months later to answer queries
  9. Make sure they pay you your holiday leave - I don’t think its the law here, play hardball if you must

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Thanks Twickster

Regarding number 8, is it normal to be on call for your old job like this? I’ve just left my first real job after college myself and I didn’t think I could still have obligations to my old company after the termination date.

If they call , ask for a consulting fee.

Remember this is Singapore - where lots of things go that would not be accepted in the states.

Depends on what field you are in and how good the handover is and how competent the new guy is. For me, in PR where the roles and record keeping not so clear it is normally just a case of
“hey - remember those pix of that event you took - where is the soft copy kept?”