In which avabeth prepares to move to....Ohio?

So my fiance is having no luck finding a job in Virginia. With the job market the way it is, we’ve decided that it’s best that ONE of us is gainfully employed, and since he has the long-time steady job, it’s probably best that it’s him. Which means I’m moving to Ohio. I’ve already applied to school there and will be returning to get a second undergraduate degree in music education and elementary education (and hopefully, my Master’s in a few years in Administration), so that should be taken care of - I applied to Kent State and it doesn’t seem to be too difficult to get in. I’ve got a 3.6 undergrad GPA and 6 years of ‘adult experience’ under my belt, so we’ll see. If not, I’ll apply to other schools in the area.

I’ll be making my way to the lovely area of Canton/Akron. The fiance and I will have to get a new apartment that allows pets in order for me to bring Oscar and Emmy, the Wonder Cats ™, but mr. avabeth doesn’t seem too crushed about that - he wants a bigger place. The hardest part will be planning a wedding from eight hours away, but since most of the ‘big things’ are already taken care of, we should be okay with that.

So, any moving tips? Anyone in that area want to give me their advice? I’ve told my parents (whom I’ve been living with temporarily since moving back from NYC) that Ohio is a possibility, but have yet to tell them that it’s a definite. And I’m hoping to make it to at least one more MADinner before the move takes place. Any other Dopers in the Canton/Akron/Cleveland area?


I live in Lake County (east of Cleveland) and work in downtown Cleveland.
Welcome to the area.

By the way, I’m a displaced Virginian and still have several contacts there. Where in VA were you looking and what job market are you skilled. I might be able to point you toward some people who could help you out… that is, if you’ve got your hearts set on The Old Dominion.

Actually, my heart was set on Ohio (I grew up in Richmond, and aside from college and the four years in NYC, I’ve lived here my whole life - I do NOT want to stay here.). But thanks for the offer:). I’m actually looking forward to relocating.

Can you give me an idea of what the job market is like in Ohio? I’m planning to go to school part-time for awhile first and work full-time, so I’m curious as to what the market is like. My ‘expertise’ right now is administrative work (I’m an AA and have been for four years in different positions), although I’m open to ANYTHING different.


Well, I did both undergrad and grad at good ol’ KSU, and I now live in Akron, so I can certainly give advice! Feel welcome to e-mail, I know of the cat-friendly landlords. You don’t want to live in Canton, that is freakin’ far. Kent itself is great, but housing can be rundown and overpriced. I’d suggest Stow, parts of Cuyahoga Falls, Streetsboro, and North Akron. I live in Akron’s North Hill 'hood and am about 12 miles from Kent. If you want to be really involved in school (you have tons of classes or need to be at campus a lot) I’d suggest actually living in Kent. There are approximately three million apartments in the city (again, you have to watch out for dumpy/overpriced.)


The most difficult thing about moving in to Ohio is the three-day series of excursions this state sends you on to become a recognized inhabitant:
First you have to take your car to a car dealer to have the VIN verified (?!).
Then you have to go to a separate office to get your title, registration, and plates. (If your title is shared with a finance outfit, you are only issued a duplicate while the state hangs onto the original until the lien-holder sends them paperwork that you’ve finished the loan.)
Then, you sometimes have to go to a separate office to take your driver’s (written) test to get your driver’s license (although in recent years they’ve taken the bold step of testing drivers’ licenses from some of the same offices that handle car registrations).

After that, you just have to get used to having no liquor sales on Sunday and state minimum pricing for all alcoholic beverages.

Kent State is a pretty good school for a number of subjects. Depending where your fiance lives, you might consider Ravenna for housing. (There is direct highway access to Kent with a runaround that allows traffic from Ravenna to go toward Akron without entering Kent.) Similarly, there is now a Turnpike exit at Shalersville (the fairly inexpensive boondocks north of Ravenna) that provides quick access to most of the North/South highways that pass between Cleveland and Akron.

I can’t tell you much about the job market since I left Akron about 9 years ago, but all in all it’s not a bad place. I think you’ll have better luck finding work in Cleveland than you will in Akron/Canton though. From what I understand the commute isn’t too bad (if you stay off I-77 you should be able to go from one to the other in half an hour) so living in Akron and working in Cleveland is a pretty good idea.

As for where to live in the Akron/Canton area, I’ll have to defer to the people who live there now. I only know about Cuyahoga Falls and Akron’s Goodyear Heights and Firestone Park neighorhoods.

tomndebb, if Virginia’s anything like TN, she’ll be used to not being able to buy liquor on Sunday and surprised that you can buy wine and beer in the grocery store.

Avabeth, get used to flatness. I grew up in Ohio and thought that we had hills, then I moved to TN, Ohio has bumps, not hills.

You should enjoy Kent State, one of my best high school teachers went there. You’ll need to get used to OSU football fever, though (I’d stay out of Columbus around the time of the OSU/Michigan game, no matter who wins, there’s a riot.), and watching the movie Heathers will help you get a feel for the place.

I live in Highland Square in Akron. I got my undergraduate degree from the U. of Richmond(VA).

The job market is bad in Northern Ohio IMHO. Maybe not in the area that you might be searching, but in general. The upside, the cost of living is dirt cheap. Much cheaper than the Cleveland suburbs.

If you want cosmopolitan, stay in Akron. If you want rural, live near Kent/Revenna.

Just from the replies to this thread, we might get a Northern Ohio Dope out of the deal.


Not if you live down here in Baja Ohio. Then you just cross the bridge to Kentucky and buy your corn squeezins at pretty good prices. And they have a nice wine selection, too. The downside of my particular area is that the people are strange.

Exhibit 1: Rue DeDay
Exhibit 2: Every election day seems to bring conservative candidates but lots of new taxes. And yesterday a guy who was considered a long shot was elected to Cincinnati City Council. His name was Sam Malone. One can only assume that the vast majority of the electorate thought that they were casting a ballot for an erractic old BoSox fastballer who then ran a friendly little saloon.

Thanks for all of the responses! I feel a little better moving to a completely new place knowing that I’ve got Dopers in the vicinity:).

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to go too far out of Canton. My fiance works for the newspaper and is on call a lot, so he’s got to be within spitting distance to work. I don’t mind driving - shoot, after 45 minute long subway rides in NYC every morning and evening, I can handle 20-25 minute drives to school:). But we definitely will have to move - we’ll need a 2 bedroom apartment, and if both of us are working, we should easily be able to afford it.

As far as the alcohol goes - well, we’re not really big drinkers:). I think I’ll survive;). And since I do administrative work, I’m hoping there will always be an opening with a temp agency - even if I’m not a permanent worker, with luck, some temp work will see me through until I find something more permanent. I’m actually hoping to work customer service or something similar with an offbeat schedule so that I can work it around school - I’ve got experience with a credit card company doing customer service, and although I hated it, I can certainly do it again for a year or so while working my way through school. I’m also not a morning person, so the 9-5 thing just isn’t for me. I’d rather work odd hours.

Thanks again for the advice! I do hope that Dopefest might happen!


Well, Ravenna and Shalersville are right out, then.

I’m still partial to the boondocks for finding pet-friendly housing at low prices, so would tend to suggest looking in the corridor between SR-43 and SR-44 (Hartville, Suffield, Randolph), but there is a fair amount of lower-priced housing on the south side of Akron with easy access to I-77. (Of course, I-77 gets turned into a parking lot at odd intervals throughout the year, but it is the primary freeway between Canton and Akron (from which you can take expressways in the general direction of Kent).)

ummm, from Canton, Kent is a lot more like an hour’s drive (or more) during rush hour. Downtown Canton to downtown Kent (without finding a place to park) is at least 40 minutes. Ignoring the connector roads, there are 20 miles of I-77 and 9 1/2 miles of I-76 to traverse between the cities.

tomndebb is very correct and I reiterate, Canton-Kent is not a fun commute. You very well may kick yourself. Apply to Akron, they at least have better commuter parking. Kent is really in the middle of nowhere. Get yourself here for several exploratory driving trips before you commit to anything. 77 is a very very busy highway. It can be a nightmare.

Between all the different events this summer, Dope-a-Ween, and Dope the Halls III, there may not be too many MADinners. Not to mention Asylum’s been pretty well MIA. However, maybe we can schedule one in your honor! When is your time frame for moving?

There’s also Walsh uni that is right in Canton. That’s where my little sis goes and she likes it a lot. Other than that, most of the Ohioisms I would have shared have already been covered

It’s flat up here…Check

Our DMV is a nightmare…Check

Cleveland, despite all the jokes, can actually be a pretty cool place…Check

The job market is less than stellar…Check

Oh, and don’t forget–Everyone up here talks like a newscaster! Or at least that’s what all my southern friends tell me when they come to visit. :slight_smile:

Good luck ava, and a preemptory welcome to you, the mister, and the kitty cats!

Yikes. Thanks, folks. I didn’t realize it was so far to Kent. Well, I’m going to try to take as many classes on the Stark County campus, and since I’m only going part time to start, if I have to go there once a week or twice a week, I think I’ll be okay. After that, mr. avabeth and I might look into moving closer. We want to buy a house at some point early after we get married, so perhaps we can go halfway and both of us can compromise.

I do plan on putting apps in at other schools as well. It’s not so much getting in that’s the problem, it’s the tuition - since I’m covering my own tuition, I’d much rather come out with $10K in loans as opposed to $30K in loans. Mr. avabeth knows that he’ll be the sole supporter near the end of my degree since I’ll be student teaching, but I’m still hoping to get the odd-hour job so as to pay as much of my education up front as possible.

I am looking forward to being close to Cleveland:). For some odd reason, I’ve really liked it the few times we’ve gone up to sight see.


Clevelander checking in (well actually, I live in Lake County, like GrizzRich), and I gotta agree with the points previously mentioned. Not really that much else to say.

Welcome to Ohio!