movin down south

Next year I hope me and my son will move south,where it is warmer in the winter. I hate this Ohio. You all down there,is the place you live a nice one to move to? Why? Tell me. Thank you.

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Go to Atlanta. I am currently stuck in Orlando and can’t wait to move back. Just stick on the north side. For extra added fun, go walking through Techwood around 11 PM on a weekend. That’ll put hair on your chest.

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Depends - You want an urban landscape? Try Atlanta or Charlotte. You want close proximity to beaches? Charleston is nice. Wanna be near mountains? Look at eastern Tennessee, like Knoxville. Want to be out of the way and off the beaten path? Lots of nooks and crannies here…

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Dallas Texas is the only place for me, farm living is the…(oh, never mind)

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Orangecakes, I live in Atlanta. It is definitely warm down here. It was in the high 40s yesterday and we thought that was cold. The warmest coat I have is an overcoat. It seldom gets below freezing and only snows maybe once a year and only about an inch then.

Atlanta has a lot to offer not just the weather. It has many job opportunities in most any field you are interested, according to your bio you are a jewlery sales person. There are many opportunites for that, in fact in the last few months there have been two large malls built (one on the north side and one on the west side near me).

There are also many office opportunities and other types of jobs if you are looking for a change.

Housing is reasonable (I would think cheaper than up in Ohio).

You can get two bedroom apartments for around $800 or less in decent parts of town. You can get a fairly good starter home for about 80K or so also in decent parts of town. There are also fairly good school systems in the Atlanta area for your son.

If there is anything specific you are looking for, I would be more than happy to answer any questions.


Jeffrey, I’m thinkin a subrub. Atlanta must have lots. I drove thru there once on my way to fla.Unfortunately,I didn’t stop,just saw the beautiful skylines. Right now,we have a 1 bedroom,and that is $385.Can’t do much more than that,unless I can transfer down there or get promoted. Thank you for yer interest,send me some virtual postcards on the scenery! Bri,I’mm looking for a city,not nesecarily a beach. No wilderness,but on the east side of the u.s.

Orange, he didn’t mention all the great traffic that Atlanta has.

Try Nashville. Just moved from there. Enjoyed it but after 3 years was glad to get back up North. The South is definately a different frame of mind.

Ohio cost of living is a lot lower than some places. you mention you can pay more than what you already are, but in another town you will make more for same job.

My two bedroom is 725/mo. my friend in ohio pays 425/mo. But i make twice what she does and we both do the same type job in the same company.

All this science, I don’t understand. It’s just my job 5 days a week-- Rocketman

The best suburbs of Atlanta are generally located in Cobb (northwest) and Gwinnett (northeast) counties. Fayette county seems to be booming also. Midtown/Buckhead are usually the places for either trendy Gen Xers or really wealthy people. Close to downtown, but surrounded by traffic.

If you have major problems with traffic, look elsewhere, because that is the one huge nefative of the Atlanta area. However, enough businesses are locating themselves in the suburbs that it isn’t too hard to live near where you work. Schools are pretty solid. Atlanta city government is slightly inept but livable. Affordable pricing. It is also known as the “Strip Club Capital of the Southeast.” My favorite part of Atlanta is that even though it is an immense urban area (basically encompassing 5 counties now), drive an hour or two and you are in the middle of nowhere with mountains, trails, etc to take up a weekend day.

Much like StrTrkr777, I know a pretty good bit about the city, so if that is an option on your list, just ask the questions.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

Another suggestion, orangecakes: This may sound unusual coming from someone who’s trying to relocate to the Southeast, but you may want to try Arizona. Hot summers but very pleasant springs and falls and cool winters (lows in the 40s). There are a lot of Southwestern jewelry shops around here which may interest you, career-wise.

Well Orangecakes, like some said you might can make more around here, though I guess it depends on what you make there.

Traffic can be a problem, but you can locate in the area where you plan to work, so it might not be a big a problem.

As someone mentioned some of the better suburbs are in Cobb (that is where I live) and Gwinnett. The problem with Gwinnett, is that is where a lot of people are moving so the traffic is getting worse.

For example, if you got a job at the new mall on my side of town, you could likely find a one bedroom in your price range in a decent apartment complex. And the drive is in the opposite direction from traffic, so you could get to work in 15 minutes or so.

Some of the suburbs on the west side are Austell, Lithia Springs, Powder Springs, Douglasville, Smyrna, Kenesaw, Marrietta.

There are several free standing jewlery stores like The Shane Company, (several locations), The Cumberland Diamond Exchange, D. Geller and Sons, that are all on the west side of town and not too bad of traffic.

Then of course there are several malls and all have the big name jewlery stores.

The Shane Company has been expanding so I think they are looking for experience people. It is an upscale (diamonds and gold) type store, no watches and other types of jewlery.

But from my understanding they are all good companies. I have personally bought from The Shane Company and Cubmerland Diamond Exchange.

The west side also has Six Flags if you are into amusement parks.

They are adding alot of businesses on this side of town, so there are many sales manager type jobs.


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Knoxville, TN is my choice, of course.
It’s right next to the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains, as well as other less-known areas of natural beauty. It’s a college town that is just big enough to be called a city, but barely. It has a nice mix of local yokels and international culture. Racial tension is relatively low. Crime is relatively low. Prices are relatively low. Employment is high. Winters are mild, but we do have all four seasons-- something they miss out on in the Deep South. We are 2 hours from Nashville, 2 hours from Asheville(NC), and 1.5 hours from Chattanooga, all interesting cities in their own right. The beach is 7 hours away (Charleston or Myrtle Beach, SC). And the best part? The people are the friendliest you will find anywhere. This is not my personal prejudice talking, either. People from all over comment on how nice we are. :slight_smile:

Come on down! Ohio is a great place to be from…far, far from!

Oh, and it sounds like rental rates are comparable. But utilities are cheap. Last year, my average bill was $50 a month. (it’s included in rent where I am now)

I moved from northern NY to Raleigh, NC because I heard the jobs were plentiful down there and, boy are they ever! I found a job in a matter of days. My fiance and I were down there for over a year and a half and I’m back in NY now (near Albany, but still close to my family). I miss Raleigh terribly, but when the ex broke up with me (on Christmas–but that’s a thread for a different time), I just felt like living closer to my family.

Anyway, Raleigh isn’t very “urban” in itself. Outside of the downtown area, it has a suburban feel to it. It’s growing so much that everything looks modern. Most of the apartments, restaurants, houses, businesses are very new. There’s plenty to do, lots of clubs, shopping, a lake to take walks around, museums, great restaurants, and an ampitheater with terrific concerts in the summer.

Weatherwise, the only “winter” you might experience is some ice once in a while and in the summer and fall there might be hurricanes which don’t NORMALLY affect Raleigh. Although Fran came right through Raleigh 4 days after I moved there. Fall lasts a long time, which I loved. It’s only about an hour and a half to Wilmington and Wrightsville beach.

Well, I won’t take up more of your time. I just wanted to give you another option. Good luck, whatever you do, orangecakes!


I’m originally from Toledo (actually Perrysburg) Ohio and I know how cold it gets there in the winter.
What I want to say is, don’t overlook living out west. The air is a lot drier out here so you don’t get that miserable humidity and giant insect problem you get in the south.
I live in Sparks, NV and while it does get cold here in the winter, it rarely gets in the single digits or below 0. The climate out here is one reason I would never want to move back to OH.

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I’d recommend Houston. It’s a nice city to live in, has a reasonable cost of living, seems to have decent employment opportunities, and has a warm climate.

No,Texas isn’t out,I meant anywhere west of that!I hear you’ve got a bit of a pollution problem there.I take buses,don’t drive. Is Atlanta bus friendly? Bike friendly? Choices are North C,Texas,Georgia(yer convincing me),S CArolina(mebbe),Virginia, Tenn. Thank you,but do send me photos. I’m getting brochures in the mail. Will save up for next summer/autumn. Bye pl! :slight_smile:

Sorry, missed the post about staying East. Must’ve been scrolling to fast.

The Marta system in Atlanta is pretty good, but it’s pretty much confined to the city. Cobb County has some sort of bus transport system - don’t remember the name of it.