In which I am reminded yet again why I love Firefox

I’m writing an email, and am bouncing back and forth between the email and another page that I’m commenting on in said email.

Accidentally close the tab with the email, which I’m about four paragraphs into.

Firefox being Firefox, I restore the tab and it’s all still there, including a draft of the email.

No muss, no fuss.

Why did it take me so freaking long to switch over, again?

Something about Scrabble, I’ll warrant. :slight_smile:

More of a Chrome guy myself. I can appreciate Firefox for what it’s done, but it’s slow and bloated these days, by comparison at least.

Chrome is pretty fast compared to Firefox, but some websites don’t have full compatibility with Chrome yet. Plus, I really like some of these Firefox add-ons that make using it streamlined and fun.

Firefox has become the bloatware that it was supposed to replace. Back when it was called Phoenix/Firebird it was quite fast (although it still took an eternity to load, just like now). It didn’t actually render half the pages out there, but it was fast.
Maybe it’s time for a new Phoenix.

Sorry, I’m just getting a bit fed up with having to restart Firefox so often because it has randomly decided to hog the CPU at 95% (look in Task Manager next time your PC slows to a crawl - firefox.exe is right up there). Maybe it’s the Flash plug-in, maybe the Javascript engine. I don’t care. Firefox has become the biggest resource hog on my PC.

Mebbe. :wink:

Why don’t you challenge me to an email game? You’d have all the time you’d want, could gang up on me with your wife, etc.

Living up to your username, I see…:slight_smile:

I don’t seem to know about those problems with FF on my win box.

I want to go super go fast ( why, I can’t read that fast but I digress) my FF on my LINUX box is faster than 80% of the servers can dish it up or my pipe is the problem.

Every time I check performance, idle is 99% and nothing is going slow…

What am I doing right? Do I not have enough stuff open? Do I need to be doing video editing in the back ground? Be acting as a server for the whole building? Reduce my RAM to 256 meg? Open 300 tabs at the same time? Geez, I thought 10 was a lot to keep up with and actually, you know, use…

Anybody else use this?

I went with Chrome from its release until about a month ago. The incompatibilities and little quirks just got to me, as did the paucity of add-ons to tweak it. I do miss the speed of Chrome, because Firefox definitely has gotten overly bloated in its basic build. But, despite the relative slowness and bloat, it’s still the better choice (for now).

What is this speed issue being talked about? Clicking on links it takes seconds to open pages and I’m in Yemen, fer crying out loud, and I’m using an older computer and a dicey connection. When I’m at home in Canada the pages load even quicker. I can’t imagine what difference it would make in my life if a page opened in half a second or a second. Does the product do what I want it to do is what is important. Firefox does. And as the OP has said about reopening a tab once closed, I’ve used that feature many a time.

Firefox isn’t much loved by me right now as it is uninstalling itself every time it updates.

I threw out IE and went to Firefox. After three months I went back to IE. Firefox was continually in conflict with something and would freeze and require me to close all Tabs.

I use FF on occasion, but my main browser is Opera. It does most of what FF does, but in my opinion it does them better, and without having to install plugins.

I haven’t noticed this bloatware.

I do think some of the add-ons I use are slow to load when I initially open it up, I do have about 12 or 15 of them, but once it’s running it’s whizzy fast.

I’ve certainly not encountered any problems that can be blamed on Firefox (I barely encounter any problems at all, actually), unlike when I used IE, where 80% of the crashes, and there were a lot of them, were IE’s fault.

Chrome > Firefox for sure. If I try closing a tab with an open e-mail on it a dialog prompt pops up first asking me if I’m sure I want to do that, so it shouldn’t happen in the first place.

Sure there are a few sites which still aren’t compatible with Chrome but big deal. The only one I’ve tried to use that wouldn’t let me is Time Warner’s.

Firefox has a memory leak. My instance of Firefox is up to 328mb of RAM, and it keeps ticking up for no particular reason. It’s fast enough, and I like the extensions, but the memory leak is a pain in the ass.