In Which I Cheer for Something Good

Here’s the story.

So there’s this guy, Paul Levy, runs a hospital, Beth Israel. In the bind, he was facing laying off people. Of course, being a hospital, you can’t really lay off House. Or nurses, or anaesthisia…anesctheisia…gas passers. You are stuck with “staff” positions, the lesser breed. Expendables.

And he didn’t want to, so he asked everybody else…people who just about can’t be fired…to make sacrifices.

He’s got people volunteering pay cuts for themselves, give up vacation pay, raises, bonuses. To help out the vulnerable amongst them, to stand with them.

Behold the power of common decency, and gape in awe. Ring a bell, raise a beer, give a yell, wipe a tear. Chicka-boom, chicka-boom, don’tcha just love it?

So nice, Luci, thanks, and, it really is worth reading the whole linked article. We can choose how to react to hardship, and I think most people want to help each other. It’s really the only way we’re gonna get through tough times.

I’m up all night working on a 300 page report on children in conflict zones. It’s extraordinarily chilling – especially the pull quotes from kids. Kids who lived through situations that make the Saw movies look like Disney productions.

Thanks for posting the link. A nice touch of vicarious euphoria. Cheer on!

Awesome! My team have already said they’d be willing to sacrifice to keep anyone from losing their jobs!