In which I dabble in electronica (audio sample included)

I’ve never tried doing electronic music before, even though one of my best friends and bandmates is an electronic artist. I’ve always done strictly instrumental. But I decided to try some electronic after finding an old Casio mini-keyboard (the cheap-ass kind that’s like 2 and a half feet long.) It does have 100 instrument settings and a drum pad, so I guess it’s pretty decent. I have always been a fan of Todd Rundgren and newer artists like Wagon Christ and Shpongle. So I tried something along those lines. I wrote this song as a birthday present to my girlfriend, who turned 21 today.


Even if only a few people listen to this song, I like to be able to share it with others. As a first effort, what’s your impression?

Even though I am a fan of electronic music there is a wide gap between the good stuff and the amateur stuff. Unfortunately yours fall into this category :wink: