In which I do not Pit anyone; the anti-Pitting

You know what? I totally love my family. They’re great. As far as I can tell, we have no dark family secrets. My Mom is not alchoholic. My father is not a racist. My brother is not a dirty theif and does not sneak off with all of my saintly grandmother’s social security money.
My grandfather never sexually abused anyone. My grandma raised 6 children, but lost one very young. She did not secretly abuse the girl. They sent darn near their whole family to college, even though they had little money. Although the Klan had a few problems with them living in Indiana, they never engaged in vigelante justice.
My parents taught me how to behave, how to be a good family mmember, and continue to be good role models. They didn’t neglect my younger brother in favor of me. In fact, when he ran into some schol problems in HS, they helped him get back on track, and now he seems to have more talent than I ever imagined. They always allowed us freedom and trusted us. And we all still do some things together.
Yes, yes, I know, this isn’t a pitting. But there seems to be so much negativity down here, I figured you could all use a ray of sunshine. Or something. And if that doesn’t please you, just assume I’m doing this so as to mock all of you with family problems.

Thanks for the sunshine. Closed.