In which I horrify an abortion protestor.

Archangel Gabriel, he said. Specially chosen, he said. Son of God, he said. Immaculate conception, my arse!

What really bothers me is that the same protesters are also probably opposed to national health care.

I wish they’d finally put some of that energy into protecting people already here.

Things to say, Part 2:

I wouldn’t keep getting knocked up and coming here if it weren’t for the free cookies they give me afterwards.

Actually if they are Catholics and follow the letter of the law, while they are definitely opposed to abortion (not to mention the death penalty and euthanasia), they also oppose any attempts to restrict access to health care, food, job training, and education for the poor.

It’s a protection of the innocent sort of theme.

Granted, not every abortion protestor is Catholic, but I’d be careful what conclusions I’d draw. People don’t fit into neat little boxes. Well, until they’re dead.

Ah, sweet serendipity. Lovely story, sven.

I have nothing to say on the Planned Parenthood/religious aspect that wouldn’t be a total hijack here. Is it time - should we all go have another abortion trainwreck?

It’s like a twisted episode of Three’s Company.

I don’t know about the rest of the country but I live in NJ. The previous occupant of my house was anti-abortion. Even though he moved I continue to get the literature.

All the mailings are always about how George Bush is a great president. Given the president’s opposition to NHC, I remain unimpressed with the local anti-abortion organizations.

In general those opposed to abortion are voting Republican so the gist of my statement remains true.

Did you go to the Planned Parenthood on MacArthur?

Depends on the HMO. Kaiser Permanente’s model is to hire their own doctors and have their own facilities. They are not in every part of the country, though, so Ferret Herder may not have encountered them. Plus, if she wasn’t working for Kaiser she wouldn’t have been involved with Kaiser patients or providers. Some people love the Kaiser model, some people hate it. I’d be more in the “hate it” camp.

Congrats on the job and the health insurance, btw. And horrifying the abortion protesters. One thing I’ve discovered is that people don’t know that Planned Parenthood provides a lot of health services that have nothing to do with abortion.

No, they are booked up for ages (as is everything in the East Bay and SF). I had to take a few hours off work and beg for rides to San Freakin’ Mateo. Grrr.

Got my stuff back. My CBC test showed some slight abnormalities- nothing the doctor said required treatment or even observation. She said it could be considered normal. But I am using these tests to apply for the Peace Corps, and they are notorious for requiring hundreds of follow-up tests for even slight abnormalities. Grrr.

“Fifty dollars for stem cells! Heck yes! Now I can buy more lube and crotchless panties.”

“Talk about a natural high! I am so full of life right now. I think I just found my anti-drug.”

Holy crap! According to the ads I can get a free laptop with my abortion. Flippin’ sweet!

“Heheheheee! That tickled!”

“Yeah, it went really well. I’ve already made another appointment for next month!”

“Dude…it’s like…it’s like…dude. Seriously, you have GOT to try this sometime.”

“Too bad you’re a guy. You’re really missing out!”

You know, they do taste like chicken.

Ooh! Ooh! I got another…

One more, and I get a free set of steak knives.

You know what? I’m guessing that even if they were informed, they wouldn’t give a shit.

The logical, non-rabid ones do. The ones that aren’t marching in the street but say something when the United Way comes into work. And I mention that PP does a lot of other stuff - birth control and abortion, yes, but basic health services and prenatal care. Its usually the prenatal care that gets them.

Not all PP clinics even provide abortion. It was always interesting to see people decide to picket and harass the clinic I went to in college - one that would refer to another clinic if you were pregnant, but for whom the overwhelming number of clients were there for gyn appointments and birth control.