Planned Parenthood defunded in NH!

In New Hampshire! Wow.

The legislature voted to keep funding it, the state Dept of HHS wanted to keep it, but–

Whence this anti-PP decision?

So, good old-fashioned male dickery then.

I was going to put this in the stupid Pubbie thread, but I didn’t see any party affilation. Maybe these guys are just sexist nincompoops.

He wants people to have babies as punishment for daring to have sex? Okaaay.

Wow, talk about poor policy decisions. I’m going to go out on a limb here and make the prediction that this decision is going to come back to haunt them. Fiscally. Big time.

I can understand why PP got defunded. After all, 95% of what they do is abortions.

Not people, women. That’s what the anti-abortion/anti birth control movement is about; using pregnancy as a club against women.

It’s interesting to see my coworker’s reaction to this kind of news. He is adamantly against the funding of Planned Parenthood, but they happen to be one of our customers. If they lose funding, we lose money. What a dilemma!

They didn’t just defund it, they gutted it, the PP clinics can no longer dispense any medications:

I think Councilor Wieczorek’s wife/partner and all the other partner’s of the men involved in this decision should cut them off. I’m normally opposed to withholding sex as punishment, but it seems appropriate in this case. Men who oppose women being able to have easy and affordable access to reproductive health care should be ostracized by women.

You should check your facts… Besides, even if this was true, so?

Theoretically, the men will also suffer. Tho, yes, eliminating access to abortion is mostly a womens issue.

So the will of the people and of their elected official is ultimately less important than the personal beliefs of one man. There’s something wrong with this flow chart.


It was not intended to be a factual statement.

Possibly Ludovic was joking here?

IIRC the 95% figure supposedly comes from a recent quote by a prominent opponent of abortion. Either he misspoke, or else his statement was taken out of context by the other side; but either way my understanding is that the 95% figure is wildly inaccurate.

No, he said protection is on their own dime

I think he means that people should pay for their birth control. That makes a lot more sense and is less callous.

Welcome to earning your way without being attached to the Government teat

Are you guys sure? It seemed to be a serious statement. Tho I would prefer it was a whoosh…

Protection doesn’t always work, so “If they want to have a good time, why not let them pay for it?” sounds like he thinks babies are a good punishment. Even if he just means that everyone should pay for their own birth control, it almost ends up being the same thing for poor people and teens.

True story. I was in Wal-Mart this evening and there was a couple standing around in front of the condoms for a long time. I had several things I needed in the pharmacy so I kept running across them again and again. They seemed to be arguing. Finally I got nearby enough to figure out that they were trying to figure out how to pay for condoms, because they didn’t have the money if they got the other stuff they needed. It got more and more heated, it seemed like the guy just wanted to … well, not worry about the condoms. All the while, they’ve got a little baby in a stroller right next to them. All I could think was, damn dude, suck it up and get the condoms, if it’s about money! You’ve gotta know how expensive a baby is!

Anyway, it seems like inexpensive birth control for people of low incomes makes sense to me. Realistically, just expecting people who are poor to be celibate because they can’t afford birth control isn’t gonna happen, and we’re all going to pay for that kid.

If you’re too broke to buy a pack of rubbers, maybe it’s time to settle for a quick BJ while you’re heading out the door to get an F’n job

Yeah, the person was just quoting someone else who said that. We had at least one good Pit thread on the subject, and it was in several news sources.

I got pregnant while using condoms AND contraceptive foam. But yeah, many people who are anti-abortion and anti-birth control DO seem to think that babies are God’s way of punishing women who want to have sex.