In which I mess up my video card...

Good news! I now have 1.00 GB of RAM!

Bad news! I somehow messed up my nvidia GeForce while installing the stick.

I have no red. None. Zilch. Zero. Where red is supposed to be, I have black. Everything’s badly washed out. Horrible.

So I ask yinz, good folk of the Dope, recommend me a reasonably priced ($150 or less) video card for my Pavilion a250n, preferably one that’s of recent generation so I can continue playing World of Warcraft (which is freakin’ WHY I bought the memory upgrade in the first place!).

Thank you. That is all.

Are you sure it’s not just a loose connection?

After checking connections, remove the new ram and see if that fixes the problem, just to verify it has something to do with the new memory.

Oh, I meant loose connection on the cable to the monitor, to be specific.

Unfortunately, yes, I did. The connection is tight, and I did take the stick out to see if that had anything to do with it. No dice.

Do you mean reverting to the previous memory configuration reversed the problem, or not?

I mean reverting did not fix the problem.

Figured it out. I was checking the connectors one last time and happened to actually look at the male connector coming out of the monitor. There was a bent pin. It must have bent over when I first tried to reconnect the monitor after I got the memory in.

Moved the pin back straight, plugged it in, booted up…I SEE RED! Yay!

Thanks, Revtim, for the troubleshooting advice.

This would have been my first suggestion but Revtim beat me to it. However, do note that that pin is now weakened, and will be much more likely to bend in future. You might want to consider getting a port protector.

I don’t plan on taking it apart all that often, as in the 3 years I’ve owned this computer, the last time I disconnected the monitor from the box was 2 years ago when I moved the whole system here. I only disconnected it this time because I had to move the box to another spot to do the installation and didn’t want to drag the monitor along. :slight_smile:

Glad it’s fixed, glad to be help!

It’s like a pun.