In which I pit Mary Jo Kopechne

That’s what you ghouls want right? Well here it’s in the Pit. I give up, lets here all the crass and cynical nastiness that you can muster. You want to have two pit threads of me at once? Have at it.

Go for it fuckwads do you worst.

Lets see if GFactor comes up with some specious reason to close it like Twickster and Czarcasm did.

BTW, if it isn’t clear, I am pitting the nasty vile and hateful members of this board who feel they have to shout down or censor people, who are so narcissistic that they cannot imagine that someone might actually have felt sad over Mary Jo Kopechne today.


You really don’t know when to let a joke go, do you?

What joke?

Should I be looking out for any inside jokes, puns, or hidden meanings?

Just checking the OP’s recent threads should help.

No, I think it’s all pretty straight forward. They wanted to make sure that the thread was only here where people could heap on abuse. So heap it.

Well I’m not sure she deserves to be pitted. She wasn’t even driving.

Oh I agree, but apparently the mods think that this is the only appropriate forum about Mary Jo Kopechne. And I figured that if they’re going to send her to Hell then it’s not appropriate to say RIP, I mean on a technical level. Though it would be ironic if this thread was the least vitriolic of them all.

Sure as hell isn’t you.

Yes it was.

There have been threads in the past remembering her Birthday and the day of her death plus several about Sen. Kennedy in which she is mentioned. You failed to participate which leads me to believe you care nothing about her or her memory except as it’s furthers your agenda.

Debate the life of Sen. Kennedy if you want but leave the innocent out of it.


What agenda would htat be?

I was actually sad about it, and I don’t care that much to debate the life of Sen. Kennedy. I’ve got nothing for or against him politically.

Princhester Oh that’s clever, I wonder if I’ll ever hear something of similar wit in the future.

Sigh. mswas: Look, I’ve just read the thread titles in ATMB regarding the late Mary Jo Kopechne and you. So I don’t know the specifics, though I did take a look inside “Stalking Harassment”. Based on very limited information, IMHO, you’re acting like more of a thin-skinned dick than you actually are.

Ok, the board leans left. You’re a sane conservative: you’re going to get some flack. I seriously doubt whether the resident one-two sentence posters were singling you out.

FWIW, this leftie is often sympathetic to your POV. The board has some resident experts in ancient Christianity, but none AFAIK who have related the precise moral and social evolution that occurred in pagan Europe during 50BC - say 400AD. So the vacuum is filled by ahistorical broadsides on Xtian theology.

I haven’t read your argument on Qi, but I do believe the concept is valid in an operational sense (specifically in athletics), though I flat out disbelieve that it is a form of energy as physicists understand it. But discussion of this will certainly attract ridicule, because, well it’s funny: it ties in well with the TV and movies we watched as kids.

Finally, Ted Kennedy’s single act of drunken and later sober cowardice should be remembered – and has been reflected in his obituaries. But it would also be wrong not to give the man his due, not to reflect on the totality of his life so soon after his death. Launching a special thread for Mary Jo Kopechne now is just tacky – though I should concede I haven’t read that thread’s contents.

But I am not a conservative, that’s the funny part. But as far as the harassment goes I just got pissed off for a second then I retracted it before anyone responded. People blew it out of proportion they wouldn’t let me let it go and move on like I wanted to. shrugs There is a tendency on this board to beat something to death. I’ve long thought Lobohan and Bryan Ekers follow me around. I mean of course it’s only because of common interests IE, Pile-ons of mswas. :wink: We have that we participate in every pile-on of mswas in common. :smiley:

I find that definitely interesting but this board ain’t the place to discuss it.

No, it’s not a form of energy as physicists understand it.

Eh, shrug

I really was sad about Mary Jo Kopechne at the time, but hey whatever. I really don’t believe there is any sanctity in death. Believe me Ted Kennedy doesn’t care, if there is an afterlife somehow I doubt he has any stake in my opinion of him.

Right now I am actually in a pretty calm and placid state of mind. I was when I started this thread. I started this thread because I don’t think it was appropriate to close the other threads. Really at this point it’s been beaten to death, and I’ve been beaten. There is a sort of serenity that comes from taking a beating. :wink:

Really, is this what I have to look forwards to every time it’s my Birthday (July 18th)?

No, I think it’s over. No one is going to care who she is now that Ted Kennedy is dead. That’s part of why I started the thread today. I really got the sense that the thing she is remembered for, being killed by a Senator isn’t worth remembering anymore. I mean it’ll be remembered in the way scholars remember odd factoids, and we who are alive now will remember it, but my kids probably won’t know about it. Hell they won’t know who Ted Kennedy was most likely. I confess I don’t know who the senior senators the truly old men were when I was born in 1977.

That’s an interesting question. Who were the equivalent of Ted Kennedy or Robert Byrd in the last couple of years of the 70s? Who was it that had been in the Senate for nearly half a century? What were they known for?

Obviously they’re going to close it. You’re just trolling now.

I was obviously just trolling before right? I mean that’s all I do right? Special rules for mswas because mswas is a troll right? Isn’t that the gist of the last week? If weak-willed people get offended by something I write it must be because I intended to offend right?

So it goes like, it doesn’t belong in MPSIMS, put it in IMHO, I put it IMHO, no this belongs in the Pit, I put it in the Pit and they close it in the Pit because I’m trolling.

That’s about the long and short of it right?