R.I.P. Mary Jo

After 35 years, why is her killer still in the Senate?

I suspect it’s cause the voters of his state seem to vote more often for him than for his opponents.

Is that the lady Ted Kennedy killed?

Hey, can I start a thread about the guy that Laura Bush killed?

This could be the dumbest thread ever.

Yep, drowned her, then ran away. Most ungentlemanly. But if people like wring want to vote for him, I guess it’s OK, right?

How does that old joke go? How if it had been Robert Kennedy, he would have swam to shore, gone home, called the police and reported his car stolen.

You could, but there’s a rather distinct difference between an accident and manslaughter.

yea, democracy is a bitch, ain’t it? people actually are allowed to vote for who they want to, without your permission. damn them!

Sorry people, but I think both Mary Jo and Martha Moxley need to be remembered, not forgotten.

You say that as if voting for murderers is a good thing.

Yes. Chappaquiddick was an accident, Laura Bush negligently ran a stop sign.

When was Ted Kennedy charged with murder, btw? I must have missed that.

Remember that when you pull the lever for Bush.

How is it an accident, since Teddy was drunk?


You have proof of murder conviction? you have proof of a murder charge? indictment?

Seems to me that you absolutely went ape shit when I mentioned that Laura BUsh had killed a guy. You accused me of calling her a murderer and all. When all I pointed out was that she was, in fact, at the wheel of a car that ran a stop sign, and killed a guy.

Kennedy, for all your frothing at the mouth, was convicted of IIRC, leaving the scene of an accident. NOthing else. If you have different information, prove it.
and once again, you state “Teddy was drunk”.

lets’ once again demand proof that he was.

I know you are an idiot. Why must you continually prove it?

You reckon we should start a thread for each soldier that died in the war Bushco lied us into?

No accident, no alcohol, just lies.

Well, we have an executioner for a President so, why not?

Doesn’t matter if he was convicted or not. He left a young lady to die, at the bottom of a river, while he ran away. And yet he’s still the senior Senator from Mass. Go figure. :mad:

I’m really confused. What’s the point of bringing this up, at this particular time? It’s not like Kennedy is suddenly prominent in the news or in politics for some reason. If the purpose was to balance out the anti-Bush threads, why not use Clinton, whom (unfortunately too) many people believe is a serial murderer and drug godfather?

This whole thing has me stumped.

The Board propriety in these instances, if I understand correctly, is that you include the parenthetical (lame) when foisting such drivel on the poor and hapless hamsters. Just for future reference, you understand.

and some one else blew through a stop sign, killing a young man and yet she sits in the White house. go figure.

and the asshole who’s my rep, while he was a State cop, allowed his son’s friends to get drunk at a party at his house to mourn the death of a friend (from drunk driving). go figure.

and there’s another couple of jerks who were convicted of driving drunk and they’re at the White house and 2nd in command, too. go figure.