In which I pit the parenthetical remarks in pit threads (lame)

Goddamnit, if it’s lame then why the fuck are you starting a pit thread in the first place? The pit should be about things you are legitimately and vehemently pissed off about!

Lame rant, dude. (snarky)

Jesus Christ (who is the only son of God and the instrument of our salvation) man! What a lame rant. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate it when someone comes into a pit thread and tries to make a meta-joke and it doesn’t work because the joke has no punchline.

I agree (all men should be circumcised).

Thank you. I’ve been thinking about starting a similar thread myself. If your rant is truly lame, it won’t need swear words and then you can put it in MPSIMS.

That’s a very good point. (I’m glad someone made a definitive point which can be defended).

Even lamer is when you misunderstand an OP and think they’re ranting about something different (I thought it was about making remarks vaguely related to the main thrust of the rant and the ensuing hijacks. Why? I blame myself first and two-sentence OP’s second. :wink: )

Indeed. (I had chicken for dinner)

There is no rule that threads posted in the pit have to contain swear words. What the hell is wrong with you people? It’s not as if anyone’s “lame” thread takes away anything from your viewing, on the contrary, it’s a considerate warning. That way you don’t waste time opening the thread.

Also, on subjects that may start out lame, frequently they can get ugly fast, depending upon the posters and the subject matter.

And last, who are YOU to say which items can be griped about, and which can’t? This IS the forum for griping, even if the gripe isn’t frothing at the mouth or containing swear words.

You’d never know that sometimes. Someone’ll have a good strong rant going, then at the end they’ll say:


And when they do that I always think “oooooh, how original and cutting edge” :rolleyes:

Don’t get me wrong, a good hearty swear word, cleverly used and/or dispensed thoughout a rant can really add to it. But just arbitrarily thrown in “because this is the pit”? Again… :rolleyes: (rolleyes in boredom times 1000).

Some of us, even when pissed off, are too civilized to use the kind of language you find on right-wing talk radio.

Where’s it written that the only degree of pissed-off one can have to start a pit thread here is volcanic, and not just simply annoyed?

I don’t see a prob with the (lame) advice. If you don’t want to read (lame) you don’t haveta, unless completely (and lamely, I suppose) bored outta your ever-lovin’ gourd.

It’s an attempt to forestall the inevitable “Man, what a lame thread!” posts.