In which Jesus would you Insert the Baby Jesus Butt Plug

Inspired by this thread. I want to know in which Jesus you would insert the Baby Jesus Butt Plug.

Actually, I might choose to forgo any of the actors and just go with Cardinal Law as Jesus’ representative on Earth.

Don’t go there…

There’s more than one Jesus? Huh? And how does Superman fit into the equation?

So many questions, so little sanity.

This is the stupidest thread I’ve yet to read.

The Cardinal Law reference was funny. Really.

Every time I see the reference to the baby jesus buttplug I keep hearing in my head, “Damnit, get more astroglide on jesus!”

This thread makes baby Jesus cry.

I see an imminent encore banning.

Actually, except for the near Xmas timing, this isn’t all that bad of a thread.

I have a theory that BZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO is an extraterrestial gathering info on humans prior to the invasion of the body snatchers.

Incoherent reasonings? Sure.

Questionable taste? See the OP.

Redeeming qualities? I’ve seen a few good posts in other’s threads and a couple of normal type Q’s from this guy.

Worthy of banning? Nah (IMHO) I’d keep an eye on him…

Coffee, tea, or milk? Coffee, please.

Of course, I’m no mod. Just a view from the FarSide…

I always wondered what an alien with an imperfect understanding of humanity would post on a message board.
Now I know.

Naa, I disagree. An alien would probably post pictures from rectal exams and link them all to his site.

O my Gawd! It’s a real site! :smiley:

That’s gotta hurt, tho…

Whoops sorry about that. A thread similar to this (yes, a second jesus butt plug thread) was referenced in still another thread about what/what not should be closed.

These 3rd or 4th(?) hand threads are really hard to follow.

I have to agree with World Eater:

Baby Jesus Butt Plug.

Gotta’ say it.

Band name.

Are Baby Jesus Butt Plug threads really banned?

If so, please feel free to close this thread. I did not know they were banned.

Why must all the probing questions go unanswered?

Ah shucks! I missed the Banning of the Baby Jesus Butt Plug Threads!

I was so looking forward to the Easter Bunny Our Redeemer Female Condom Threads due out this next Spring. :smiley:

:: Waiting for a mod to say `hardy-fricken-har’ ::