Gift idea for the fundie in your life

It’s the Baby Jesus Butt Plug!!

Well, it’s nice to see that they make an attempt to be offensive to everyone equally. No, wait a minute—where’s Martin Luther?


God, Opal…and I thought Jesus Dress Up was bad! :smiley:

Find a need and fill it, I guess :wink:


I know I’m not the only one who checked out the other items at the top of the page!

“Help Moses part the Pink Sea!”

The words “divine intervention” have rarely seemed more apropos.

Hopefully, this is just the start of a new fad. I, for one, look forward to a world inundated with iconic butt plugs.

“I’m sitting on Oprah!”

“make Baby Jesus the center of your magnificent Dildo Creche.”

Dildo Creche.

Dildo Creche?

Dildo Creche?
Um. Well. I can’t think of a word to say.

[sub]…dildo creche?..[/sub]

A dildo creche would go over swimmingly chez my parents. I wonder if they’d recognize them all as dildos? Makes me wish I had participated in that whole Secret Santa thing. Praise Jesus!

That is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately now my cube-mates want to know why I’m crying.

Now my brain has completely locked up.

Thank you Opal. And how did you discover this item, perchance?

The “Grim Reaper” one with its references to “hoods” and “uncut” would have been of great interest to Mr. Dean Tyler. How sad. Perhaps he’ll find it in the course of his research.

I like the safety warning on the Jesus Jackhammer (Feet first, feet first!)

I found it because a friend of mine posted a link to it in her journal.

Thank you… :: wiping tears from eyes :: Thank you so much… this so made my day!

I laughed till I gasped… and am only slightly worried about the company checking out what sites I surfed through today.