God's love of US Marines not returned


Well, ya. Just like anyone could benefit from the words of The Qr’an, the Tao de Cheng. or Mein Kampf…unless, you know, they don’t believe in the pretext of the literature. :smack:

Coulda had more fun with the story if you’d mentioned more detail in the OP. It’s a Talking Jesus Doll! Wonder if it comes with Kung Fu Grip?

Actually, it’s a Doubling Loaves of Bread and Fish Grip.

And you wouldn’t believe what happens if you dip it in water.

If I had gotten this for xmas when I was a child, I’d have been very disappointed. A proselytizer disguised as an action figure…wheee.

I wonder how the average American family would respond to an action-figure Mahomet reciting verses from the Koran, or an action-figure Krishna reciting verses from the Bhagavad Gita. (Of course, the average Muslim would be outraged by the former, but that’s beside the point).

You can’t dip it in water. It keeps trying to walk on the surface, and just kinda skates away.

And the holes are whistles!


Several years ago, I bought my eldest son a Wolverine and a Sabertooth action figures that were designed to shout insults back and forth at each other at regular intervals.

Should a ‘Proselytizing Jesus Doll’ ever find its way into our house, I swear I’ll fish it out of his toy box, replace the batteries, and entertain the cats and Sundry with the Red-Neck Jesus held at blade point and harangued all day with “What You Lookin’ At, Bub…!?!” :cool:

And the holes are whistles!


You could have some fun hacking those things.

If you could get Krishna to qote from the Kamasutram, I bet we’d find a market for it.

Yeah, the Jesus one just keeps saying “Missionary position”.

When I was 5 or so, my dad’s girlfriend’s parents gave me this weird cardboard set of all the figures involved in the birth of christ, moses, noah, and other assorted biblical figures in a board-game type box. :confused:
Wins the prize for “worst christmas present I’ve ever received.” Generally gave me the creeps.

I hurt myself laughing at this…

[sub]I am so going to hell.[/sub]

Hey Jesus! Eclipse!

It takes a stranger turn though - Toys for Tots are now saying they will take the talking Jesus dolls and find “appropriate places” for them.

Is it me, or does the Jesus doll in that link look like Val Kilmer with a beard?

To me, the close-set eyes and sculpted beard say Luke Wilson.

what happens if the neighbor kid from toy story gets his hands on one?

So what they’re saying is, they’ll find someplace to stick them?