Oh my... God? Err, Jesus that's tacky... oops. Um, this is funny!

This is really, really, funny.

Absolutely unbelievable, it’s like Jack Chick was crossbred with Norman Rockwell and the result was given high doses of ecstasy. Oh man.

I also love the way that Jesus seems to taunting the kids in the second picture. Classic.


Catholic’s Hopper? I don’t know what that is but it doesn’t sound like fun.

It looks more like Hey-Zeus is trying to … errrrr … have his happy way with little Timmy.

In the basketball one, it looks more like he’s keeping the ball away from them (bully-style) than playing.

Ah, that was on Conan O’Brien; they made up their own statues and of course I don’t remember any of them. I think it’s a neat idea actually, I mean, there are worse role models than Jesus. Like priests.

Cheap shot, I apologise.

I think they’re kitschy-cool–a better “investment” than collecting souvenir city spoons (maybe).

A semi-popular talk show in the US bought a couple of these, on the basis that they had to be seen to be believed. They’re even odder in three dimensions. In the skiing one, he’s wearing sandles with skis attatched; apparently frostbute is no threat.

But if both teams are Catholic, which side is Jesus on?

There’s something fundamentally bizarre about Jesus on ice skates. What, did he used to practice at the rink in Galilee?

Although, “Jesus H. Iceskatin’ Christ” would make an excellent curse.

This made it into my local paper this week. The editors unkindly suggested Jesus may be unfairly using his height advantage to tease the kids in that basketball game.

Gymnastics Jesus! WWF Jesus!

I don’t suppose you’d find a water-skiing Jesus (or a fox-hunting one for that matter).

[sub]I’m getting in the handbasket now…[/sub]

Fie upon this happy smiley New Testament stuff, I say, fie!

Give me good old-fashioned Old Testament Biblical Plaguedomes every time.

Actually, there is a statue (on page 3) of Jesus with two young gymnasts that is vaguely disturbing.

How about other interests?
Can’t you just see the Trekkie Jesus?

I love the football statue, mostly because one poor kid is trying to tackle Jesus. I wonder how he got that assignment? I can imagine the conversation in the defensive huddle:

All right, Timmy, you cover Bobby; Jimmy, you cover Dylan; Tony, you cover Ron; I’ll drop back as a safety…and Markie, if they hand off to the Lord again, you try to nail him in the backfield. OK? Break!

The golfing statue disturbs me–I don’t need to see Jesus in close contact with a young girl’s posterior, thanks all the same.

I just wonder why Jesus insists on wearing that white robe. I imagine it would get dirty really quickly on a football field, and wouldn’t his skates catch on it while playing hockey? And talk about track and field… I can just picture the difficulties Jesus would have retaining his dignity trying to pole vault in that thing.

And you do notice that he doesn’t wear any protection, don’t you? No helmets, no kneepads, nothing. Sure, he’s probably got the Divine Invisible All-Purpose Anti-Accident kit or something, but I think he’s just setting a bad example. :slight_smile:

The “one, true” football one wouldn’t go down to well in one half Glasgow, seeing as the kid has a Blue jersey on!

What, no tennis Jesus?

Does Jesus always walk on water or can he turn off the ability at will? If it’s the former, it explains the lack of Swimming ‘n’ Diving Jesus.

No cricket Jesus, either. No wonder England’s doing so badly. I bet Krishna and Allah are out there giving their best.

Man, you guys see the look of determination on Jesus’ face there in the Hockey statue?


I’m holding out for Fight Club Jesus, myself.