I have found Jesus!

He was under the couch.

So, did you ask Jesus what he was doing under the couch? Or, really, just any details at all of this meeting?

Wow. I never heard that one before. That’s brand new. I bet OpalCat never heard of that one, either.

No more Easter?

WWJD? He’d crawl out from under the damn couch!

I usually find he’s in the back of the beer fridge going all limp and slimy.

No, wait. That’s the extra lettuce there was no room for in the main fridge .

Was He the last place you left him? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooooh, can I have some?

Wait a sec. Send Him back in and see if he can find any loose change.

I’m glad to hear it. I put him down when I come in and then, wham, 10 minutes later, he’s gone. Assumed into Heaven, I always thought, but now he’s under your couch. Maybe it’s some kind of weird Narnia thinig?

Is this funny? Seems kind of stupid and highly insulting, but is it ok because it’s only insulting Christianity?

Jesus is under your couch, and I found Buddha hiding under my stairs and Muhammad behind the curtains. I think maybe they’re playing hide and seek and the Dalai Lama is “it”.

Ally, Ally, all come free!

Ya know, if ya had a sense of humor about life and the gentle sharing of one’s beliefs, you’da replied "I never lost Him.

You don’t put people off as much that way as you do by getting in a snit. However, sniticizm goes hand in hand with the mindset that cannot accept that one’s own personal experience is only valid for oneself, and that being judgemental and pompous does not further the cause one espouses.:smiley:

I found him at a corner mart. His neck tattoo said so.

Svt4Him, I have a button which reads “I found Jesus. He was behind the couch all along.” (Apparently He’s since moved.)
It’s both a joke, but it’s something else as well. There are some people who may proclaim their faith in Christ, but the only evidence of that faith that they say to others is their habit of saying, “I found Jesus.” To me, it’s a mild rebuke to them and a way of indicating I’m a bad target for proseltyzing. I’ve met people who are reluctant to believe that I’m truly a Christian because I’m not their type of Christian and/or because I wasn’t “born again.” (I got it right the first time.)

Everything is a fair target for mockery on this board, and some rightly so. This is nothing compared to some of the threads we’ve had filled with religious humor and I’m proud to say I started one – it was to cheer Polycarp up.

And, on that note, did you folks hear about the dyslexic Atheist? It seems he’d lost his faith in dog. :slight_smile: Ma?


By the way, I suspect the type of Christian being aimed at was the guy in this thread. There aren’t enough rolleyes in the world.


As per Christianity, man was created in gods image. So, god has a keen sense of humour as does man.

God would be reading this thread and saying “under the couch? I told him to go to his room”

Ah, multiculturalism, then. That’s the key.

“You found him? Last I saw, he was in the back of the bar, making out with Shiva!”

I found Jesus! Now I just need a coin minted before 1942 and a Denver phonebook, and I win the Blockbuster gift certificate!

Tell Jesus that he’s been a BAD little boy, and send him home RIGHT THIS INSTANT.
Oooh, his father’s gonna be so mad when he gets home!
All we do for him, and this is how he thanks us! Stunts like this!