In which Kythereia fesses up

OK. I did it. I got the little pamphlets and stickies and coupons, I went to the meeting, I met all the people. I came, I saw, I registered with a Visa card.

Ladies and gents…

I’ve joined Weight Watchers.

Feel free to laugh and point whenever ready.

I wish I had that much courage

Congratulations! I lost 50 pounds with Weight Watchers last year, and am very fond of the system. Good luck with your new eating plan.

Congratulations on taking your health in hand! It ain’t easy sometimes…

:: offers Kythereia a smoothie ::

[sub]is that Weight-Watchers-compatible? [/sub]

Show us a *before * and *after * photo!
I’ve always wanted to see something like this. :slight_smile:

In my head, pretty much since you’ve showed up, I’ve had you marked as “a hottie”. I sure hope this isn’t going to change that! :slight_smile:

Seriously, I hope you make whatever goals you set for yourself, and if you need any pointing, laughing, teasing or flirting then please let us know. I’m sure that there are a lot of guys here willing to help!

Can you hook me up with Fergie? :smiley:

Good luck. Hope you get done what it is that you want to get done.


And you sure type cute, too… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Phht…that’s nothin’ - I paid a ton of money to Lifespring…

Good luck Kythereia! No laughing or pointing here…

Why point and laugh? I should, myself, but I hate public things like that. Good for you, and good luck.

You know, he might be joking, but after I lost 70 pounds, I really, really wished I’d let someone take photos of me beforehand. No one believes me now, just like no one will believe you when you reach your goal. As you will!

I think it’s really admirable for you to commit to improving your health. Congratulations!

I’ve thought about joining. Without embarassing myself too badly, I’ll say I’m big enough to make two regular sized people but will leave it at that. With some sort of support system, it’s bound to be easier… if for no other reason than shame.

Hope it works out for you. Tell us how it goes.

I think it’s the obvious enthusiasm she has in posting. It’s sort of endearing. Unless you mean Shibb. He’s cute for other reasons.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

:: Looks down at own fat gut ::


:: Looks again ::


I should consider joining, dernit!

My neighbor lost 60 pounds through WW and has kept it off for 5 years.

Good luck and I admire you for joining before the start of the eating frenzy!

No pointing, we soon won’t be able to see enough of you to know where to point :smiley:

Seriously - good for you! I’ve been doing WW for about 18 months. Down about 65 pounds (I’ve been off the WW wagon too much as of late so it’s stabilized). I find that it is, mostly, a plan I can live with pretty well.

Yes, yes, I meant Kythereia. :: blush ::
[sub]Er, not that I have any problems with the way ShibbOleth types either… [/sub]

Here at the office last year someone organized a Weight Watchers’ group, but you need a certain number of people ($$$) to get the WW people to cooperate. So I ponied up the cash, but a dozen people who’d signed up never did, and the whole deal fell through.

I told the person here who’d tried to start up the group to go into the shirkers’ offices and say, “So, still fat, I see, you cheap bastard.”

I joined. Didn’t work for me because of where I was in my life and the regimentation made me backlash against the system. Stupid psyche. :slight_smile:

Good luck. A friend of mine whom I joined with lost 80 pounds or so (she thought maybe 50 would be nice) and looks and feels terrific. It got her on a new career track and she fell in love. Good things can happen.

WW can be great. I’m actually thinking about it myself. I seem to do better with some kind of accountability.

Good luck. and keep us posted.

Pshaw! I’m not going to laugh. Hell, I work for the dang place. Soon someone just like me (but Canadian) will be handing you a 5 pound bookmark.

Good luck.